Quilt Book Give Away: Urban Country Quilts

Martingale and Company (you know, the people who put out That Patchwork Place quilting books), were so good to me (and you) and sent me a few quilting books to review.  They gave me the option of keeping them or passing them on to you.

My stash of quilting books and magazines is SO large, that I am choosing to pass most of them on to you but I just might keep one or two.  Today I am showing you a look at Urban Country Quilts by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks.


The book includes 15 projects.  Some of the projects coordinate and would work wonderfully when decorating a room.

My favorite quilt in the book is the “Market Fresh Quilt”.  If you have ever wanted to make a Robbing Peter to Pay Paul quilt without the headaches of piecing the curves, these gals have a great method for you.  By the way, the quilt is completely and totally approved by my 16 year old daughter.  She’s campaigning for one, but I said no….I just made her the crumb quilt last fall.   If you are looking for a modern quilt to make, this one could be a crowd pleaser.


There are several applique projects in the book….


I love the Jack and Jill quilt.  It looks fun and would be relatively easy to piece.  I like that it is shown in two color options and show two different quilting motifs.  It is a quilt that would look good as a boy or a girl quilt.


Speaking of guy quilts, this would really make a nice guy quilt.


My favorite project in the book is of course the wool applique projects.  If I didn’t have so many wool projects already going, I would keep the book and make them.


Over all it is a nice looking book.  I have such a love of quilting that I just enjoy reading and looking at quilt even if don’t actually make a project from the book.  Hubby, of course, things that it’s odd, but after 25 years, he’s getting used to it.

Even though this is a nice book, I am passing it on to one of you…..
Just leave a comment here and I will pick a winner on Tuesday.  You’ll want to make sure to come back every Tuesday because I am starting a new featured called Try it on Tuesday.  On Tuesday, I am going to “try” out a new quilt book, a new recipe, a new method, or new idea…some will be quilting related, some won’t.  Sometimes I’ll be reviewing a new book and there will be a giveaway to go along with it.

I love learning about new things so I want to give you the opportunity to share things that you have tried too.  I’ll be including a linky party for anyone who wants to link up with something new that they have tried.  It does not have to be something that is new to the world of quilting….just something you tried and is new to you.   If you haven’t patched jeans before and want to give it a try, share your experience with us.  Wrote a new tutorial..share it with us!  Used a stud finder to hang a picture….tell us how to do it.  Got a new ap for you phone that you are in love with….tried canning pickles….SHARE.

So leave your comment here and come back on Tuesday and see what I’m featuring for “Try it on Tuesday”…it just may be another giveaway…
Oh..one more thing, stop back tomorrow…it’s a Yard Sale day!  I’m selling a few quilt related items that I am parting with….it opens at 7am eastern time!

109 thoughts on “Quilt Book Give Away: Urban Country Quilts”

  1. I love quilting books…..and sometimes I actually make one of the projects. But I love and drool over them all. I remember hearing one time that if you buy cook books and look at the pictures but don’t actually cook any of the recipes, you are actually a reader of cook books not a cook. I am a cookbook and craftbook reader, but I do do some things, not just as many as I wish. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I love craft books even if I never make anything from them. At least we pull them off the shelf every now and then and lose ourselves in the wow and “oh, to have the time” fantasy.
    Thanks for sharing your books with us.

  3. Wish I’d seen this earlier. I NEED this book – for that flying geese pattern. I’ve been looking for it to make for a friend with a variety of brown fq I have. Thanks for a chance to win it.

  4. Haven’t had any new reads for a while…this will be great to peruse till spring comes. Try it Tues. sounds like fun. I am recently a pinterest addict, so I decided I need to try something from my boards every week or so….good way to actually make the dreaming a reality.

  5. The book looks great. I’ve started getting a lot more serious about quilting and am always looking for inspiration. Thanks for hte giveaway. :)

  6. Debbie Clifford

    Just love this book a friend just got engaged so i would love to make the applica in this book with the large flowers.

    Many Thanks Deb “)

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