Quick House Update

Things at the house stopped a couple day but are now on the go again.  That’s what happens when your cement guy is a farmer too.

The footings were poured and yesterday the walls were poured.  They also took off a couple rows of siding getting ready to pour the cap.


Of course, I wish the porch was much larger but it’s the biggest size we couple put on and still have it work with the amount of drop there needed to be on the porch roof.


I’m anxious to see what gets done today.  Right now we are really close to the back of the house being removed.  I can’t wait for that!?!?!  Then they’ll be pouring the basement and garage foundation.  That’s when I feel like I’ll know more and be able to see how big everything actually will be.

We meet with the contractor again tonight…more decisions to make.  Have I said how bad I am with decisions??

4 thoughts on “Quick House Update”

  1. I’ll help you with decisions, Jo! We are building now and have lots of decisions to make. For me, it’s fun!

  2. Sandra Kerrod

    Hi Jo, I’ve only recently started to read your blog. I find it a really interesting read. I live in England where quilting isn’t as popular as in the USA. I also in enjoy cooking, reading and knitting. Grandson number 2 has just arrived, Ewan James, so I’ve been busy knitting jackets, blankets and hats. On one of your blogs you mention cinnamon rolls. I’m looking for a proper family recipe, do you have it on your website?

    Thank you for your blog

    Sandra Kerrod

  3. Wow it is still exciting. You are getting a lot more choices than my DD who is building a house. Even things like paint…. they won’t use a semi gloss! even in the kitchen and bathroom They are going to have to repaint b4 they move in, or shortly after! Their choice of rug was discontinued, and they had to choose a less acceptable one. They can’t just go buy what they want and have it installed! I want a “used” house like you!

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