Quick and Natural Microwave Cleaner

On a recent trip home I was telling Mom about the awesome new way I cleaned my microwave. Mom suggested I demonstrate the technique with her microwave. She’s tricky like that.

Fill a dish with one part vinegar and one part water. Place it in your microwave and cook for two minutes.


Dip a rag in the hot solution and wipe out the inside of the microwave.  Be careful, it’s hot!


Baked-on crud comes right off with no elbow grease.  See?


I’m always happy when I can clean without chemicals.  Although I prefer to not clean all.


Don’t you agree? :)

10 thoughts on “Quick and Natural Microwave Cleaner”

  1. Thanks Kayla, never thought of using vinegar tho’ I use it for lots for other sorts of cleaning; I do exactly like you did except I use a lemon cut in two in water in a glass jug; nuke for 2 minutes then let it stand for a few minutes to let the steam loosen the “stuck on bits” and also let the water cool a little so I can put my fingers safely into the water, then I wipe out microwave with a clean dry cloth; if I need an extra bit of elbow grease especially for the corners I carefully squeeze a little lemon and use a cheap toothbrush and scrub then wipe clean!

  2. Thanks so much for this tip, Kayla. I’m trying it this morning because i have a microwave that needs cleaning, and i also hate to use the elbow grease to do it.

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