Putting Some Glamour into a Size 12!

It’s not secret…we are a family of wide footed people.  To top that, we are a family of big footed people too.  Finding shoes to fit those feet is often a problem especially for our daughter 16 year old daughter Kalissa.  Last year hunting for Prom shoes was a nightmare.  She finally settled with some silver flip flop type shoes because honestly, it was the only pair that fit her women’s size 12 wide feet.

This year we started looking for shoes for Prom early and no luck….that is until she came across this pair of shoes….

She found these shoes at Wal-Mart off the $3 sale rack.  The shoes fit but they were white..UGH.  She wanted glitter and sparkle so what’s a girl with size 12 wide feet to do…create some glitz and glamour with a glue and glitter.  (This idea is courtesy of our son’s girlfriend Jen who blogged about the process here.)  Kalissa is painting on a mixture of glitter and glue on the shoes.

I was definitely skeptical….but look!

Glitter and glue, then clear gloss paint all rolled together to make sparkly Prom shoes!

They aren’t perfect, but she has a long dress so the shoes will only be peaking our here and there.   It’s amazing what a little glitter will do to spark a 16 year old’s heart.

I’m not sure but rumor has it that she just might try another of Jen’s crafty blog post ideas…glitter fingers!

It’s what works for us….Today I am hooking up with We are That Family for What Works for Me, Whatever Goes Wednesday, and Wow Us Wednesdays.

10 thoughts on “Putting Some Glamour into a Size 12!”

  1. Loving it! Great job Kalissa! My daughter (taking after her mother) also has large feet, and is tall. For her senior prom, she wanted flat sandals so that she wouldn’t be taller than her date. The only thing she could find was a pair of white flat sandals…similar to your daughter’s. While my daughter didn’t use glitter (I don’t think it occurred to us), we did use Swarovski crystal flatbacks from my jewelry stash to bling them up! They looked great and didn’t cost much at all.

  2. I did much the same thing when I needed a pair of ruby slippers for a costume… Enter one black suede pair of pumps from Goodwill… Add red spray paint, white glue and red glitter… Voila!! A rockin’ pair of ruby slippers, slightly stiffer than before, but definitely sparkly.

  3. Oh I hear your pain…as a mother you want your daughter’s prom night to be PERFECT!! My daughter is 6’4″ and wears size 11 shoes…after a whole day of trying on dresses…NO LUCK and looking for shoes…NO LUCK…she said “Grad was sucking her will to live”…my heart stopped!
    The next weekend we went to the fabric shop and picked a pattern and fabric. So I made her dress and we found a pair of shoes on EBay….done!! She looked gorgeous… Now if only finding a date would have been that easy… but she did MEET someone at the after party…so she was in 7th heaven the next day! Whew! A Prom to remember…haha
    Enjoy!! You will laugh about this…someday!! This same daughter is ‘Being called to the Bar’ on the 30th…no she isn’t a drinker…she is being sworn in as a Lawyer! Couldn’t be prouder!! Wonder what she will be wearing…and if she found shoes to fit?
    Take care!

  4. Outstanding! There is nothing like a little bling to get a girl’s heart to sing. Your DD should be so very proud of herself and her efforts. This is A++. HOpe she has a fabulous time at the prom.

  5. Good idea. If you ever do this again, you can buy spray on glue (at Michael’s, JoAnn’s or most likely the local hardware store) and big containers of glitter that you can pour/sprinkle on, much less tedious than painting. My sister and I have done boots and shoes this way. The boots turned out so awesome she has had many offers from people wanting to buy them! The boots were from the thrift store before the glitter:)

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