Puppycat the Pill Popper!

A post from Kelli–

Who would have guessed that this wonderful little puppy named Puppycat would end up being a pill popper?  Well there is a back story….

Little Baby Puppycat
As you know, I took her in to get fixed (spayed) last month.  She eventually recovered pretty well.  She was sore for a few days, but she was back on the mend within a few days and didn’t even miss a play date with Ruby or Betsy.  Her incision was healing, but it was seeping a bit.  I talked to my new Aunt Julie who works at the vet clinic as I was concerned about one spot on her incision and she recommended putting some antibiotic cream on it, so I did.  A few days later it was quite a bit better and I was no longer worried.

Fast forward to last weekend and I noticed that she was licking the area around her incision.  I hadn’t looked at it recently, so I picked her up and checked it out.  There was definitely something going on, so I made tenative plans to take her back to the vet.  I said something to Jason about it and he informed me that sometimes cows will have incisions that seep for a few months after a surgery and told me she would be fine.  I knew that she would be, but I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed a bit slower to jump on the couch by me and was a bit hesitant to run up the stairs to go to bed.  I decided to take her in.

Grown Up Puppycat
The next morning I called into the vet between my classes and told them about what was happening and they thought it would be best to bring her in too.  They managed to squeeze me in that afternoon to get it checked out.  When we got there later that afternoon, Dr. Sarah checked her out and told me that the stitches that they had to use to close the muscles during her surgery may have become infected.  She put her on antibiotics for the next month to clear up the infection so her body can focus on dissolving the stitches and told me that after they were done, she should be just fine.  Such a relief!

I am so happy with the wonderful care that our family has received at the Vet office in Postville.  They were so helpful when Gracie was sick and passed away.  When Pepper got hit by a car, they were so kind as to come out to Mom and Dad’s to put her to sleep as she DID NOT travel well at all!  When Ruby has had her numerous surgeries, they are always quick to get her in for surgeries and check ups.  Now with Puppycat, it is so nice to know that there are such wonderful people to care for her when I can’t!  There is always such a wonderful environment at the office also!

Being a pet owner it’s nice to feel confident with my vet..and good news, Puppycat takes pills quite easily.

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  1. Dr. Sarah is amazing! She really cares about our pets and it shows. She has gone above and beyond on many occasions. Grateful to have her as our vet.

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