Puppycat the Bad Influence!!

Kelli’s beagle, Puppycat, was here this weekend with Kelli.  The two get along pretty good.  They rough house and play, tiring each of them out.

Puppycat even managed to teach Ruby a “new trick”…which isn’t a trick at all.

It’s something that I really don’t even like.  It’s something Hubby lets her do…lick plates in the dishwasher.

I am blaming it all on Puppycat….but then again, Puppycat learned it from our old beagle, Gracie.   I guess it’s just something that’s being passed down, generation to generation in our dogs.

11 thoughts on “Puppycat the Bad Influence!!”

  1. I think all dogs love to clean dishes in the dishwasher.! However make sure that she is supervised while doing this especially if she has a collar on. A friend’s dog almost died when the collar got caught on a spike in the washer and the dog panicked and almost choked herself. Tags are also can be a hazard – they can get caught in heating grates etc.

  2. She is so darn cute! I don’t like my dogs in the dishwasher. I trained them with a spray bottle. They didn’t like it and now stay away if the dw is open. Good luck! May have to train the big guy too. :)

  3. We reluctantly allow our baby to do the same thing. The beagle sniff draws them in and then it becomes too cute to watch. Then we act like we are not paying attention to seem like she got one over on us…..We figure if this is the worst thing we have taught her, then we have trained a great dog. :)

  4. Cute story! Our dog used to try that, too. Funny.
    This weekend I am absolutely going to try your Swedish Apple Pie recipe… I bought all the ingredients last week but it all went home with my DD to her house – including the recipe! Fingers crossed. Thanks again for typing it out.

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