Puppycat Takes A Bath!–And Ask Jason!

A post from Kelli–

Like most dogs, Puppycat HATES baths!  Every since she was little, the minute you say the word bath, she will run away, hide and cower.  It’s kind of funny because if I am even in the bathroom, she will never go in there.  When Jason’s in there however, it doesn’t bother her to go in because she knows that he won’t give her a bath.  I’ve asked him to give her a bath a few times and he continues to refuse because she hates them and he doesn’t want her to hate him.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Arizona with Jason’s mom, grandma, and sister.  His Grandma has always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so we’re off!  I noticed that Puppy was starting to smell a bit too much like a dirty wet dog, so I decided to give her a bath before I left.

A few weeks ago, we had a few things done in the basement including putting hookups in for a shower, washer, dryer, installing a sink, and redoing some of the plumbing to reduce the issues we’ve had with clogged sinks.  When we were getting the stuff for the utility sink, I made sure that we got a faucet set that had a sprayer so I could give Puppycat a bath as it has worked so well at mom’s.  When Jason came home, I had him grab my camera  to take some pictures.

bATH 1 (300x400)
As you can see, she’s not a happy camper!  I always say that if looks could kill, I’d be dead the minute I mention the word bath!  See?

Bath 2 (300x400)
As you can see, our basement is just a old farmhouse basement, but I sure like it a lot better now that it’ll have a washer and dryer for Jason’s farm clothes and a sink for Puppycat baths.  The weird thing about her is that once she’s in the sink, she’ll stay in the sink and just stand there, but she is definitely not a happy camper!

Als0, one of our readers had a question about my previous post and anhydrous.  I’m planning to do an “Ask Jason” post, so if you have any questions about Jason, farming, or something you think he might know, leave a comment and we’ll see what answers he comes up with–I’m sure there’ll be some sarcasm involved!

Also, I’ll be in Arizona this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for some pictures and updates.  I’ll just have my phone so I’ll probably just have lots of pictures to share, but I’m sure they’ll be awesome!  Wish me luck flying–I’ve only done it one other time and am just a bit nervous!




3 thoughts on “Puppycat Takes A Bath!–And Ask Jason!”

  1. Oh…I know that look! Poor PuppyKat! One of my beagles would just howl and even bay like he was being tortured!!

  2. Lol you should try giving an 80lb bath hating Doberman a bath. I have to trick him into the bathroom or there is no way I could get him in there.

  3. I hit the dog bath lottery! My 130 lb Great Dane LOVES her baths. They are actually showers. We have a walk-in shower and we have trouble keeping her out when it is our shower time! I think she loves the warm water, the shampoo-massage and the rub-down with towels afterwards. Hmmm, who wouldn’t?

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