Puppy Update

I was right…the foster puppy didn’t last long here.


In fact, the morning he was put on Facebook by the Humane Society, Kelli went to the vet and picked him up.  Before Kelli got home, I had an approved adoption in my email.

Then a short while later he was listed on the site and had another approved adoption.

We kept him two days though to make sure he was healthy and feeling up to adoption.


Kalissa was immediately in love with him calling him “Little Dawg” and desperately wanted to keep him.  She’s in a no pet apartment though so couldn’t.

That didn’t stop her from wishing or from begging.


Ruby got along wonderfully with the pup.  They played and played.

While I sewed, he’d sleep at my feet.  It was just adorable….


Completely adorable.  He was part beagle and part fiest.


Sunday, right before the family came to get him, Kalissa was not happy at all.  She REALLY wanted to keep him.  She even resorted to pouting…and begging…and saying “Please Mommy..please can I keep him?”


But after she saw how happy his new little boy owner was, she saw that for now, it was okay for him to go.

The family had stopped the day before and the boy played and played with Ruby.  The mom asked if the boy wanted the puppy and he said, no and want that one-indicating Ruby.

We assured him that although the puppy wouldn’t be fast or play fetch quite yet, with some work, by the end of the summer, he’d likely be able to…so “Little Dawg” is gone and now might be called Gus.

So will we foster again…YES…especially puppies.  I love a couple days of cuddling and leash training and house training to get them on their start to a new life.  Then once they’re gone, I like a nap.  So far, fostering has been good all way around.

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