Puppy Parade…

While I was off with my cancer treatment, the rescue stayed busy. It was so busy that being I wasn’t in the thick of things, I couldn’t keep track of the incoming and outgoing of dogs. It was crazy I know and I felt bad that I couldn’t help. I did help with a couple of applications but not too much.

I did get in on helping with our latest bunch of puppies. These are nine weeks old…there were six in the litter. Here’s a picture of Mom…obviously a heeler mix. We were told heeler and rat terrier. The poor girl was 11 years old. Yes, we tried to convince the family to spay her. There’s only so much we can do. UGH.

She was pretty little…we aren’t exactly sure what dad was. We were told heeler mix. We never really know though. We are wondering if maybe some Australian Shepherd as two of the puppies were born with docked tails.

I ended up volunteering for two puppies…there were six in the litter.

Here they all are cuddled together at the vet office. This was before their baths. Oh, they were a mess. Several of them threw up on the way to the vet office.

These guys were on the farm staying in a horse barn. So houses and house activity is all new to them.

There was a group of us fostering them. I had two and everyone else had just one. I’m not picky about them being boys or girls…I’m not picky about color. I’ve learned long that I can’t predict who will be adopted first.

The other foster families quickly picked the buff colored girl (now Avery) and the dark colored girl (now Caitlin).

I didn’t want the boy who ended up needing a cone after his neuter. The only reason I didn’t want him is that Izzy (my dog) hates dogs with cones. Every dog that I’ve fostered who had a cone, Izzy didn’t like. So for both of their sakes and mine, I didn’t want him. He is now known as Alfie.

I almost picked this guy, Vernon…but didn’t.

In the end I picked these two…The white one is a girl and the black one is a boy.

I struggled for a long time with names. Being it was a litter of 3 boys and 3 girls, I thought Brady Bunch names would be good but one of the other adopters already had a name. Then I didn’t want to pick names that go together like Sonny and Cher because they were really park of a larger group…In the end I named them Violet and Vinnie.

Violet is completely photogenic. I snapped a few pictures and immediately had good ones.

She isn’t camera shy. These were taken along with about six other pictures of similar poses that were all equally good.

She’s a good little pup who is VERY attached to people and likes to have them close by. If I go in a different room, she’s attentive and following me along. In fact, she snuck through the outdoor kennel and ran right to me. The little stinker. She is so cute with her docked tail. I affectionately call her Pork Butt. She’s kind of stalky in stature. Just as cute as can be. She is not a fan of the kennel overnight but we’re working on that. She’s doing awesome on a leash because she wants to be right next to me.

The other pup I got was Vinnie. He had a black face and had a regular tail. Violet was the runt of the litter…Vinnie was medium sized in the litter. He was completely and totally not photogenic at all. I likely took 40 pictures of him in the house. It say I struggled is an understatement. Then I took him outside and he perked right up.

I took these outdoor pictures in about 12 shots…so different was he from the inside pictures to the outside pictures. What a handsome boy.

From the very beginning, he was my favorite pup of the litter. He was the calm one of the bunch. I’ve heard it said to never pick the biggest of the litter or the one that comes to you first as they can be more demanding or bossy. This boy was laid back and more chill. I also thought he might be the last up to go though as his coloring wasn’t anything special. He didn’t have the pretty blaze on his nose. But he was the guy I liked best…so on a whim, I picked him to foster.

Surprisingly, Vinnie went first…the next day in fact. He is already at his new home.

Violet is still with me. She is doing well. As I write she is laying on a dog bed next to the computer chair where I am sitting. She has had a couple of applications in and I need to go process them in the hope that one of them will be her future home. She’s a sweetie for sure. Any family would be happy to her…she is going to need an active family though as she has working dog lineage and they like to be busy doing things.

You can see more pictures of the pups HERE.

If anyone wants to help the rescue, we are in need of collars and leashes. When litters come in like they have been, we spend so much time trying to match leashes to collars. It would save so much time and make things so much easier for us if we had puppy collars with matching leashes. HERE is a link to the rescue wishlist.

We do have some leashes so we could also use just some packs of collars only. Honestly, we are thankful for any donations…collars, leashes, puppy pads are all awesome. I tried to add some things of a variety of price ranges.

If we can grab a bundle with matching leashes and collars that are all the same yet are different colored, we could easily snap a set onto a puppy and easily identify them. Often puppies in a litter are similar and we can’t tell them apart initially but if we had collars of different colors, things would be so much easier and we could tell them apart right away.

I added some examples of what I am referencing. This is the link to the wish list but feel free to add anything you find that might be a better deal or similar- we just need collars to extend to 12″. We also take donations of collars and leashes that are used but in good shape.

With the number of puppy litters we’ve been taking in, we are going through collars and leashes quickly. If you are a dog rescue lover and want to help, we’d appreciate it lots!

I’m off to love on Violet a bit…and then I need to get some work done around here. Oh, I love fostering pups!! If you’re in the area, we need more fosters too!!

8 thoughts on “Puppy Parade…”

  1. Oh my, such cute puppies! Violet sounds like a little dear and Vinnie looked so handsome sitting outside. Again, I am not sure how you handle doing so much, but I’m hoping it is because you are much younger than I am!!

  2. What cuties, we had an Australian shepherd years ago who was great with our cows and calves, you are right that they need activities.
    Bless you for fostering them. I will visit your Amazon list.

  3. I would feel very fortunate if when the time comes for us to get a dog we could adopt one of your fosters. You do such a great job with them. As we’re states away, when the time comes, we’ll look into local rescues.

  4. Jo, just to let you know I placed an order for some of the items you needed through the Amazon link for the Rescue you are involved with. Prayers for your continued recovery from this procedure.

  5. It might be interesting to see what Vinnie looks like later. He seems to have a head more appropriate for a much larger dog. Sorry but he looks like a put together dog. Someone will have an interesting pet.
    Hoping and praying for a more comfortable and successful post treatment for

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