Puppy News!!

It’s been a bit since I’ve talked about fostering dogs.  When I last left you CeeCee and BeeBee were here.

I got them just before Thanksgiving and BeeBee was the last to leave.  I think she left on the 10th of December.

In the middle of that, I was scheduled to get more pups but then the poo samples on the pups came back and they had some not-so-good parasites so we decided it was best to keep those puppies away from the ones I had.

Then I did the transport for these two very stinky abused Labradoodles.

I’ve been watching the rescue that I delivered these two to and they both have been adopted.  That really warmed my heart.

Then, Gannon, my grandson was in the hospital and we decided I should take a break until we were in a routine with him, plus I was going to be away for two days over Christmas.

Gannon is stable now.  Not over having his tubie for feeding but at least eating some now again.  Plus, we’ve gotten into a routine with him that is manageable for everyone.

On my way home from our days away, HEART Animal Rescue contacted me and asked if I could take some puppies.  Of course, I can.  It’s been quiet around here without extra dogs!

So…this is the plan.

Today I am going to pick up …Juno.  She has a vet recheck.  She had an umbilical hernia that needed to be repaired and now she’s ready for a follow-up.  She has a family that is ready to adopt her and will be getting her on Saturday so she’ll only be here for a bit.

She is coming to stay with me because the rescue picked all of these guys up yesterday.  These are from the same farm that previous pups with poo issues came from.  These will be treated and then on Saturday when I bring Juno to meet her new family, I’ll pick up the two brown puppies.

These guys…All of these are some mix of Australian Shepherd.

If you’ve been a blog reader for a while, what was your first thought when you saw the brown puppies?  YEP.  I think they are Rusty’s sons.  Oh my.  I hope after following along with my blog posts about foster pups you can see why it’s so important to spay and neuter dogs…and to get puppy mills closed.

These two boys are really little and need names.  We don’t want them to be too close as it’s hard to keep track of applications and names.  BeeBee and CeeCee was a nightmare…then we had Billy and Bobby.  That was bad too.  So we need two names that might somehow go together but not be too alike.

I would love some input…leave a suggestion in the comment section.

As always if you are interested in adopting a puppy, please put in an application by following THIS link.  These guys will need a vet check and then they will likely be ready to go to their new homes.  The bigger single dog might be fixed before it is adopted out as it is an older pup around 5 months old.  For the others, I don’t know the age for sure yet.  Likely they are around 9 weeks.   I don’t have all of the details on these…they will likely be mini or toy Australian Shepherds.  I’ll let you know more when I know more.  You are welcome to put in an application now so you can be preapproved.  Then once the puppies are listed, you can be at the top of the list to possibly adopt.

I’m excited to have puppies again!!  I think the kids will too.

45 thoughts on “Puppy News!!”

  1. I’ve long been a fan of I Love Lucy so how about Ricky and Fred?

    What a bunch of cuties, if only I had the space I’d love to foster dogs too. God bless you for opening your home to these sweet babies.

  2. We knew people who raised registered golden retrievers. Each batch of puppies had a theme for names because the final owner would name them. For example, they had puppies named after types of cheeses, nature (Sky, River, etc). Maybe that concept would be helpful to you or the rescue.

  3. My daughter and her roommate once fostered 8 puppies and the momma dog. The rescue required all puppies in a litter have names that started with the same letter. Their letter was “G”. I don’t remember all of the names, but it included George, Gia, and Gatsby. Naming puppies can take some creative thinking.

  4. Cinnamon and Nutmeg sound like good names. The color of the spice matches their color.
    All the puppies are so fortunate that you are a foster home. Give them a good loving start and they will be kind and loving dogs their entire life.

  5. Just a suggestion, if you’re ever stuck, what about Iowa county names? I don’t like to think there are 99 puppies who need you, but I’m afraid that is true. You could pick and choose, (Henry and Ida) and make them cuter too (Winnie- Winneshiek, Dickens- Dickinson) It might help with the Rescue paperwork if you have to have a unique name each time. I love the TV character idea – hilarious to have Skipper chasing Gilligan through the house!

  6. Kathleen in Mississippi

    I had a black cat that was born with a white bib. We named him Justin Bibber and everyone went crazy for him. The vet renamed him Justin Bieber and ever after everyone called him Justin Bieber.

  7. I love reading about the puppies but it is so hard for me. My health isn’t good and we had to have our dog put down last fall so we miss him. I’d love to get another dog but don’t have the energy for even a senior dog at this point. Thank you for the good work you do .

  8. Carolyn A Thompson

    Love to hear about your puppies.
    Thank you so much for all you do with them.
    I follow Connie’s blog now because she got Rusty. I loved that little dog through your blog and now through Connie’s blog!!
    Did you know Rusty’s cherry eye’s came back and he will be having surgery again on Jan. 9th?
    Have a wonderful Happy New Year and a blessed 2023!!

  9. I thought that you were going to name the pups following the alphabet. If that is how , then I think you’re up to D’s. So I suggest Denver and Dallas or Dennis and Doug, something like that. Thanks for sharing and fostering doggies.

  10. Such cute doggies! So many good suggestions for names. I can hardly wait until we hear what you name them. Thank you for being a foster home for the doggies they are all so needing your love and care.

  11. Two boys? Wally and Beaver!
    Oscar and Meyer
    Joey and Chandler
    Pip and Squeak
    I can go on and on with dog names, I have a never ending list, lol.

  12. Barbara Firesheets

    How about Jake and Elwood (from the Blues Brothers movie) for the puppy names?

    Glad to hear Gannon is eating better.

  13. Virginia Grenier

    Puppy names… “Bert & Ernie”, “Laurel & Hardy”, “Bo & Luke” (Dukes of Hazard), “Starsky & Hutch”, or “Shrek & Donkey”.

  14. My first comment was naming both puppies with a name that starts with D. After thinking about it, you named Bee and Cee. So I have changed my picks to Dak and Eli. Have fun naming you new puppies.

  15. Jo, I have to admit that I was away from your blog for a while and have just started joining you again. Now you have mentioned problems with Gannon’s health a couple of times. What has happened? How is his brother doing?

    1. Gannon went in for a routine removal of his tonsils and adenoids. He left the hospital five days later with a feeding tube. He has limited swallowing. They initially thought the tube would be in place for a few days. We are now three weeks in. We thought he was a bit better then caught a cold. Then has had ear infection twice since this month complicating things. He can’t catch a break at all. Anders has a terrible cold…It’s been a miserable December for us all!

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