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Before I get to the pup update I want to give you all a big shout-out.  Do you remember some time ago I mentioned that I put together a needs list for our rescue?  The updated list is HERE.  I delivered everything when I picked up my last pups and the rescue coordinator was so impressed by your generosity.  Believe me, I was too!!  She ended up taking this picture and did a write about you all on their Facebook page.  We all want to thank you.  It’s support from others that really keeps up going.  THANK YOU so much!!

Now to today’s post:
You all might remember that last week I got some foster puppies.  I started with three and am down to two.  One of the black ones was only at my house for a day and then he went to another foster.  Before he left, he got lots of loving.  If you missed the story about me getting them, you can find that HERE.

They were vetted on Wednesday.  All three went.  The boys were neutered and shots and the girl the white merle colored was spayed and given shots.  Her name is Mindy.  The boy I’m fostering is Mork from the old television show Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams.  The other dark male is Mahomes.

Here is my after school crew getting some puppy snuggles.

The kids just love… the pups.

These have been harder to foster than most of the pups.  The one you see in the photo below is a velcro dog.  He wants to be everywhere I am.  He whines when he is in the pen and not out and about.  Here I am eating lunch and he’s right here.

If I’m cross-stitching…they are right here.

If I”m at the computer…right here.

At bedtime, the black pup, Mork, will howl for 30 minutes before finally giving in and settling down.  It’s made him a bit of a challenge.  If he is out and about, he is at my feet and I’m doing my best not to trip over him.  There is no way anyone who is not sure-footed should adopt him.  He truly is a tripping hazard as he has no regard for personal space at all.  He wants a human and he wants them now!!

I know that will all get better in time and he is so very sweet.

Speaking of Mork.  When he went in to get neutered, he had dew claws on his rear legs.  The vet thought they should be removed.  So they were.  He has a pending adoption but can’t leave until the stitches are out.  That will be at the end of the week.

Mindy…she has given me a scare.  I didn’t think much of it but Friday night she hid under the blanket box that I use as a coffee table in the living room.  It was bedtime and I was trying to round up the pups and put them in the pen so we could all get to sleep.  I tried to coax her out and initially, she didn’t come.  I left her and got Mork because he ran right over to me.  I put Mork in the pen, turned around and Mindy was there.  I picked her up and she yelped.  I really didn’t think anything of it.  I was gentle and picked her up gently.  I figured she was just being fussy.

I went to bed and the next morning went to take the pups out to do their morning business.  Someone had puked in the pen.  Drat.  I got that cleaned up.  Mindy was not interested in going outside…and then she wouldn’t eat.  Oh no! Something had to be going on.  She just lay on her bed.

I noticed she licked the incision from being spayed.  I picked her up and oh no!  The incision from her surgery had a white spot on it and there was drainage.  I contacted the foster coordinator and called the vet.  Thankfully they have morning hours on Saturdays.

Mindy ended up going and laying in Rosie’s kennel and she puked.  Oh.  It was only 8 am.  It was going to be a long time to wait for the 11 am appointment.  I tried to love on her.  She wasn’t interested.  I put her on a dog bed near me and she started shaking.  That was it.  I wasn’t waiting until the 11 am appointment.  I put her in the car and drove to the vet.  I would just wait in the waiting room with the hope they might be able to squeeze her in sooner.

One look at her and the taking of her temperature and the vet said she’ll be staying at the vet.  She is going to get IV antibiotics. They are keeping her until she’s feeling better.  She has to be able to not have temp, eat and poo before she can come back to me.  I said she has a pending adoption pick up on Monday or Tuesday.  The vet assured me that we will know more on Sunday morning.  She might still be okay to to be adopted out.  Our group might decide to keep her a little longer too.  We’ll see.  That made me feel a little bit better.  She had really scared me.

The vet called on Sunday morning and said she was seeing improvements and she had taken her off the IV meds and was given oral antibiotics now.  There is no active drainage now.  WHEW.  She is on the uphill swing.  The incision is still showing infection but is improving.   YAHOO.  She stayed Sunday night at the vet and I’ll get an update later today.

I have another dog waiting in the wings to foster so I need to get these two all settled, healthy, and to their furever homes.  The new dog is an Irish Doodle.  I haven’t seen pictures.  I’m assuming that’s an Irish Setter Poodle cross.  He’s an 8-month-old male…but that’s all I know.  Is anyone looking for an Irish Doodle??  I did google the breed and they look so cute!!

In other dog news…Izzy went to obedience classes last week.  She did really well but I’ll admit.  I felt a little awkward because the other dogs there were all VERY professionally groomed.  Here was my Izzy all in the scruff.  I caved to peer pressure and decided to take her and get her groomed professionally.  Here she is after her bath.

Here she is with her new groom.  I kept telling the groomer I like her scruffy…this is what we compromised on.

Doesn’t look too scruffy to me…but at least not prissy I hope.

That’s the dog news here.



15 thoughts on “Pup Update”

    1. I agree with you. Scruffy it is. But for now, look at the bright side…it is going to be a while before Izzy needs to get groomed again!

  1. Wow, what fun you’ve had with puppies! To be honest, I like Izzy a little scruffy too, but still a cute dog. Hubby likes our Bichon scruffy too – Izzy so cute with all the curly hair.

  2. I pay more to the groomer for my rat terrier than I do for my own hair. Izzy is so cute. I haven’t been in the sewing room either , lost my sewjo. Ready for spring

  3. That would be really scary to have the pup with the drainage and temp and all! So glad she’s doing better. I really like Izzy’s new do..so cute!

  4. Beryl in Owatonna

    Scruffy is my vote! My dogs always had that look, but I was the ‘groomer’! Izzy will grow out!
    Poor Mindy looks so sad…those eyes.

  5. Ok, Izzy is adorable. I think you could 100% get that same look, if you like it, with practice. You have wide ranging talents lol. Glad little Mindy is getting better. You’re such a good carer.

  6. These sweet puppies are shepherds as you mentioned. Their instinct is to herd – cattle, sheep, ducks or even kids. That’s probably why they are ‘velcro’ dogs. My husband’s brother and wife had a Sheltie and if we were standing anywhere in a group, the dog would circle around us continuously. We got a kick out of it.
    Hope they all get good homes.

    Teresa F.

  7. Maybe I’m.weird but I like “Velcro” & I’d be willing to bet there are others like me, so I bet they’ll do just fine. Glad Mindy is on the “mend” (pardon the pun)!

  8. Poor Mindy! It’s awful when our pups aren’t well, isn’t it? You really feel for them. I, too, prefer the scruffy look

  9. I love dogs! These babies are so cute. Out of my five dogs I have 3 Velcro. One is a 100 pound standard poodle, and the littlest one is a three pound Chihuahua. I trip over them or am knocked down a lot when I am caught off guard. You would think that after all of these years I would adapt to them being underfoot and within a hair’s breath of me. It is nice to be loved though. Rescue dogs know who takes care of them and who saved them, they love unconditional, they know that you are their momma! Prayers for Mindy that she recovers quickly, she is beautiful.

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