Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

I got a message from our daughter Kayla the other day.  It said, “I made these for Spencer and he loved them- I had to try one to be sure. Good thing they aren’t gluten free or they would all be gone!”

So what do I do…MAKE THEM of course.  They aren’t glamorous but really tasty.  The recipe called for nuts and raisins.  I opted for nuts and chocolate chips.  Hubby isn’t a raisin lover.  I am but…that’s okay.  I can sacrifice raisins for chocolate chips.  I’m easy going like that…HA!


The cookies were a huge hit with the childcare kids.  They are an oatmeal based cookie and had pumpkin in them too…and nuts so as far as cookies go, these are on the healthier side.

Hubby and I were eating the cookies and were trying to describe how they taste…I said more like a chewy breakfast bar.  He said more like a top of a good muffin.  I think either description is good.  They are a dense cookie that is soft and super moist.

The dough is thick and VERY sticky. See? I was a little nervous at first that I might had mixed it wrong but I didn’t.


Here’s the dough out on the pan.  The cookies don’t ooze out and get bigger so I sprayed a fork with cooking spray and tried to flatten them a bit.


The only draw back to them…the recipe calls for one cup of pumpkin.  That’s half a can.  That leaves a half can sitting in the refrigerator.  I solved that problem by making a double batch but you could also solve that problem by making this recipe for Pumpkin Bars that is our family favorite.  Next time I think I’m going to cook up a squash to make Squash Pudding but will keep out 1 cup of squash and make the cookies.  I interchange squash and pumpkin in recipes all the time!

I’ll be making these again for sure.  They aren’t a cute cookie but definitely tasty.  Here is the recipe.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies”

  1. You can always freeze the remainder of the pumpkin. I have saved it for 6 months and used it and it was ok. If you didn’t want a double batch.

  2. I love those. I have a recipe from years ago that calls them The Great Pumpkin Cookie–a play on the Charlie Brown Hallowe’en TV special. I’m not a cookie fan, but these are wonderful!

    Happy Holidays.

  3. I think these sound like a perfect way to use up the extra can of pumpkin in my cupboard and if I double them I can share with a few neighbors who don’t do much baking anymore. Thanks for the share. I will omit the raisin since there are none in the house and add some chocolate chips, which are always in the house. Merry Christmas Jo

  4. I just made those Pumpkin Chip Cookies you shared the other day and thought I might like some with oatmeal. Any chance that you saved this recipe to your computer or printed it out, Jo? The link is no longer available and I couldn’t find the recipe on the website. :o((

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