Pulling a Project..or not?

I’ve been doing some tidying and sorting…and contemplating projects.  I had so much fun working on the Crooked Courthouse Steps blocks that I really think I want another more free spirit project again….

That’s when I remembered that I started a Scrap Vortex quilt.  I thought I’d go hunt and see if I could find it.  I did find it but I was doing mine in Civil War prints.  I was hoping for brights and it could be a quilt for one of the childcare kiddos for Christmas.  Hmm.

When I was hunting I found this…Oh I remember this…I started collecting for this last fall and then completely forgot about it.  I need a few more yellow shirts.  Those are tougher to find.  I’m in no hurry though so this one went back to the back burner.

The ruler was even in the bag.

…and here these are.  I thought about making a log cabin quilt wonky like this.  I think I started these when we still lived at the farm.  Hmmm…resurrecting this might be fun.

I like how there are no lights in the block.  That way I’d use up more scrap from the BIG bucket.  I never have enough white based neutral fabric.  I don’t think I want to do that much work for a gifted quilt though.

Then I found these…oh these were fun.  I was in the middle of these when I had a deadline project that took me away from it.  I lost the momentum and it got set aside….

Again a fun project but again…I don’t think I want to go to all that work to gift it though.

Oh what to sew next??
-I really need another quilt for a girl childcare kiddo for Christmas
-I have a wedding in November but I think I have a quilt for that

-I need to have a quilt for Kayla’s baby….She requested a crumb quilt.  Well that will be a challenge as I’ve made three baby quilts in that style already, and I’m not up for making the exact same.  Same style yes…but I don’t think I want one exactly the same.

I sketched this…

…I know it looks like nothing to all of you but I think it’s enough of an idea I can go with.  Her baby is due in January.  Being we know it’s a boy, I don’t have to delay any sewing…so I want to get that going.  But it will likely wait for December.

-after that I need three graduation quilts. I have at least one or two done.
-and don’t forget the mystery quilt

Well no project screamed make me and gift me as all of them are part artsy and part quilty.  Some people don’t like the artsy look…So they all went back into the vault.  I’m going to pound out one more childcare quilt for Christmas and work on getting the others completely finished.  Then I have to make the pillowcases for the kiddos for Christmas and after that…I think I’ll be onto Kayla’s baby quilt.

..I need a good idea for a quilt for a childcare kiddo in kindergarten or 1st grade…any suggestions??  The Crooked Courthouse steps was perfect.  Oh..maybe I have something in my “kitted” cupboard.  I might start digging there next.

It’s a good thing I found my way back to the sewing room or I’d be WAY behind.

14 thoughts on “Pulling a Project..or not?”

  1. I know how you feel. I finally finished the baby quilt for my grand daughter last week…thank goodness because she came on Sunday, 2 1/2 weeks early!
    I still have to finish Steph’s quilt and then there are the other “planned” ones at are either sitting in storage or screaming for me from the closet in the RV. I want to do them all – but all at once?
    Love and prayers

  2. Did you see the quilt Mary from Country Threads had on her blog? Very simple strips but the fabrics make it great! I’m thinking of making up a couple to have on hand. Good luck picking a project!

  3. I like the colors of the last quilt you showed with the red centers, a wonky log cabin I think. You have so many blocks already done, I think it could be a quick finish. I need to do some cleaning and straightening of my sewing space

  4. First off, I know why you’re light on background whites — and Bonnie Hunter mystery season is coming up so you’d better stock up! Question do you have a stash of scrappy bright 2-1/2″ strips? How about a quickie “Jelly Roll Race” style quilt? That could be fun, fast and clean out more scraps.

  5. How about Bonnie Hunters Pineapple Blossom. I donated one done with brights and used the cut off triangles for the border. I did it without the sashing and it was great looking and fast. Think I might have used 2” strips. I know you like Bonnie Hunter. Free pattern on Quiltville.com

  6. Someone posted something on your blog about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago – Using 2″ x 3 1/2″ blocks…similar to courthouse steps…when I have a bin of this size I use this as one of my “no thinking” types of quilts…come together fast and you can finish them off with sashing or something else…

  7. What about an I spy quilt. With all of your miscellaneous fabrics from thrifting you should have enough novelty fabrics. If you use a simple setting, it could be a quick and easy quilt.

  8. Mary Ann Mettler

    I think I am dizzy with all the possiblities Jo. I am sure what ever you choose to make will be absoultely loved and charished. Love your spunk and abilities.

  9. Do you have conversation fabric (squares) that would interest children? Then you could just surround with colorful strips and put together.

  10. I vote for the wonky log cabin with the red center for the “girl” childcare quilt. It is so fun and upbeat! Any child would love it.

  11. Check out some of Bonnie Hunter’s free patterns like Pineapple Blossom or Bricks & Stepping Stones. I’ve made both of these for gifted quilts.

  12. Have you made a wonky star quilt? The wonky star block is one of my favorites. I see you make a lot of wonky stars in the quilts for your grand babies. Maybe a quilt of all wonky stars would work for a daycare gift? Your blog posts of quilt finishes have really been inspiring this past couple weeks, thank you!! I am sewing up a storm! Also, thank you for your double wedding ring quilt blog posts, I refer to them often as I am almost done assembling my first ever DWR for my daughters wedding quilt. Thank you for building my confidence in sewing this hard quilt!!

  13. Nancy’s suggestion of the I Spy is a great stashbuster. If you made it as a Disappearing 9-Patch you could arrange it so that the sashing was a bright pastel, like lilac and you wouldn’t deplete your whites. And it’s quick and fun!

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