Prom 2013-the last

Last night marker our last Prom.  Our daughter Kalissa graduated early in December at semester.  Being she did that, she wasn’t allowed to go to Prom unless someone invited her.  Her best friend dates a guy who is a couple years older and he has been to Prom so many times that he opted to not go so Kalissa went with her friend instead.

Last summer we hit the jack pot at Goodwill and bought her dress for $32.

I think it looks so nice on her.  Kalissa is so sweet.  She went to the nursing home where she works and visited with some of the residents all dressed up and looking pretty.  Some of the residents hardly recognize her as she it typically in scrubs and a messy pony tail when they see her.  I would love to show you some pictures of her visit but that is allowed because of residents’ privacy.  The residents were just so happy to see her.  They are all smiling.

Kalissa debated for a long time trying to decide what to do with her hair.  She asked and asked me how I like her hair best…for me it’s beautiful when it’s just pretty and curly.

This of course is my favorite picture….natural.

That wraps up our last Prom.  The kids are all grown…well at least grown up enough that we don’t have to worry about Prom.  For me, Prom is one thing I won’t miss.

7 thoughts on “Prom 2013-the last”

  1. Jenelle Boxberger

    Lovely dress and I enjoyed the pictures. Do you think she will let you cut up the dress after the prom. ?Would be a lovely quilt also.
    It is nice of her friend to invite her to the prom.

  2. Kalissa looks absolutely beautiful – you and your husband must be very proud of her, all grown up! My daughter is a beauty as well, wish I still had a figure like hers!!

  3. That was extremely thoughtful of Kalissa to share her evening with her residents at the nursing home. My parents are both in a nursing home and they are very attached to their caregivers. The aides bring in their children to visit and it means so much to my folks. I know they enjoyed sharing Kalissa special night!

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