Prom 2011 at the Junction

It was Prom over the weekend.  My youngest two kiddos both went.


Karl is a senior so it was his last year to enjoy the fun.  Kalissa is only a sophomore so we have a few more runs at Prom before she graduates.   At our school, sophomores can only go if they are asked by an upper classman and freshmen aren’t allowed to go at all.  Karl’s best friend didn’t have a date so he asked Kalissa and the two couples ended up double dating.  Yes…these two actually get along that well.  Actually the four of them get along that well.  All of them except Kalissa are seniors…it’s going to be some lonely days without them for Kalissa next year.


We are a family that doesn’t get into spending goobs of money for a single event so we challenged the kids to have lots of fun but try not to break the bank.  For Karl, that was pretty easy.  He wore his suit from last year rather than rent a tux.  We bought a blue shirt to compliment his dates dress and a black tie.  He had shoes, a belt and socks.

Kalissa borrowed a dress from a friend.  We found her shoes used for $1.  She’s wearing my tiara from my highschool days.  We bought her the earrings new.  She did a home stray tan thing that I wasn’t all for but it kept her out of the tanning bed so it was a compromise….and she did her hair herself.  In fact, she did her hair, Karl’s dates hair, and the hair of another friend on Prom morning.


Here she is with her best buddy….It is fun to see the kids dressed up and not in sweat pants!!

Prom 2010 is over.  The Prom dress is waiting to get to the dry cleaners and we are busy planning Kalissa’s sweet 16 birthday party which is Friday…and Karl’s graduation party is the following week.  May is definitely a busy month here at the Junction.

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