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Yesterday I told you about shopping at Maker’s Market in Sumner Iowa.  I just love going there.  As I told you, it’s really my favorite vintage store.  But, as much as I love going there, I always end up a little disappointed coming home.

I can’t help to think a bit to myself, “Why don’t you make that??  Why don’t you decorate a little more?”  When I see all of the super cute crafted items, part of me always kicks myself with me thinking why don’t you make those things…you love them, but you just don’t make them.

Here is the truth.  I can make them.  I just don’t take the time to do it.  Instead, I get wrapped up in a quilt and sucked in and the things I’d love to do for myself often get left behind.

Here is the thing I’ve learned about myself…I don’t make a conscious decision about what I’m sewing.  I see the pattern for the quilt Bitcoin come out.  I think how fun it would be to sew and I start sewing it.  Then I’m stuck sewing it.  Don’t get me wrong…I want to sew it but I get sucked into it before I really prioritize and decide what I want to sew.  UGH.

I think what I’d REALLY like to sew is some smalls.  Remember Craig hung this for me??  I want to make some things to hang from this.

Remember my dough bowl??  I want a table runner under it.

SO…on Saturday, I decided to push everything else aside and DO IT!  It was time to make a small for me.  So I dug into my half-square bonus triangle leftover from other projects…and I sewed this little topper together.

I was going to machine quilt it on my domestic machine but decided to put it on the longarm instead.

I bound it right away.

I ran downstairs and put it right where I designed it for…PERFECT!

Oh my…I was so happy.  Now, why hadn’t I made something like this before?  Those bonus triangles were sitting in the drawer for a couple of years.

So Sunday came around and I was still on my little high from being at the vintage store and making the little table topped that I decided that I was going to make another.  This time a runner.  I dug around and found more triangles.  The other triangle had all the same red…these didn’t.  These were more scrappy but would work just fine.

In an hour or so, I had a top.  I loaded it on the longarm…

Bound it…

I am super happy with this one.  The lighting wasn’t the best in this picture but you get the idea.

Kalissa stopped by and I showed her.  She told me she liked it and thought it was perfect.  I could easily use it with my Valentine decor or my patriotic decor.  YES!!  That’s awesome.

So…that’s the two small things I made.  I am so glad I took the detour and made something for me…something small for once.  Mary at Country Threads is going to be so proud of me.  She gives me a hard time for making all of my projects so big.  Neither of these is big.

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  1. Wow! Talk about speedy! They both look great, Jo! You make it sound so easy, I’d still be sewing the HST’s together at this point haha.

  2. Oh Jo I know the feeling! I have a piece of needlepoint that I lost interest in when we went into lockdown on 23 March 2020 (my wedding anniversary). I found lockdown very unsettling and couldn’t sew or read I just watched tv a lot. I have spent the last months shifting the wretched thing round the lounge until on Sunday I made a resolution to put in at least one length of wool a day and get it finished. I wouldn’t mind but I really like the piece it’s a bell pull and I want it hanging in the hall so I can ring for my servants!
    Your table runners are lovely I like them very much but could never make anything like them as I don’t have bonus triangles. In fact I don’t have triangles at all as they scare me stiff I only work with squares I’m such a coward.
    Your rooms look so nice and very American to me so different from my house.
    Have a good Christmas and a hope for good health in the New Year.

  3. I am little by little sewing smaller things. I need to make one king size wedding then no more, a few queen sized ones then only throw, crib or runners. I want to do things that don’t take weeks or even months to have completed. Love your décor. Mine is getting more and more casual. Merry Christmas Kramer family!!!

  4. Jo this is the first time responding to you. Your smalls are beautiful. I also follow Mary. She is a very special lady. I too make it a challenge to use up fabrics. We paid for it, guess we should use it. I use the small pieces cut off wedges for a Bargello Christmas tree skirt. It turned out 8×14”. The seams were almost bigger than the strip but I love it.
    Stay well and Merry Christmas to your family.

  5. I get caught up in projects for others too. So, in the middle of making a king quilt that really isn’t my color, I started making key fobs. They are small and I found a use for some of the loud lovely fabric I have and used leftover fusible batting and decor bond. Today the ends come and I have 20 small gifts to give to friends and share. I’ve done this before with shopping bags, beach bags and zipper bags. It was a lovely break, now back to my king.

  6. Merry Christmas to you All & Good Health for you All in 2022.
    Jo I just love your little HST’s , what were the sizes? The effect as runners is gorgeous. I’m sure if the lady from the shop saw them , she would be putting an order in!
    Keep on with small bits for yourself, the joy was bouncing off your blog.

  7. Somewhere, a while ago, I read about the concept of a Fantasy Self. My Fantasy Self wants to do everything, try everything, look a certain way,and have things just so. But, in reality I only have so many hours, and looking a certain way and having things just so quite often requires more effort than I actually want to expend. I learned to ask myself a simple question. Is this my Fantasy Self talking right now, or my realistic self? It may sound silly, but it has really helped me prioritize and identify those things I really will pursue. Mary’s dirty dozen challenge helped a lot, too! I really admire your ability to bring projects to fruition. I think you have a good grasp on reality!!

  8. Carmen Montmarquet

    I love them! Wow! They are perfect right where you put them! So fun to see your cross stitch cuties in them! Especially love the long wood box you have your goodies in! You will have fun changing out the items for the seasons! Glad you took the time to make something just for YOU as you deserve it!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!!!

  9. Those are so cute! And they are perfect where you have them! I love the quilts you made from the Frolic leftovers but these add a special sparkle to the spots you put them! Bravo for making something for you that is small!

  10. Both are great little pieces! Such a good feeling you had for making two smalls from start to finish. They look so good and like you said, they will work for several different special seasons. I really like your centerpiece!

  11. I really love what you have made, they fit your decor perfectly. I understand about not doing things for ourselves. I’ve had fabrics set aside for 3 quilts for me and still haven’t started to even cut one out. My decor is more English Garden but I think I could find florals that will work for some table runners. Thanks for showing these, they are so pretty.

  12. Oh Jo! Those are perfect! They look so lovely with your decor and set everything off so nicely. I’m glad you are making some things for yourself for a change. I have found for myself, doing a couple of small projects occasionally is very therapeutic. It sort of gives that feeling of instant gratification. What a joy! Blessings to you and your family this Christmas Jo.

  13. Love, love them. They must boost your feeling about your home. I think quilts add a softness to a house. Luckily the colors of the half square triangles have the red so they are verstile. Merry Christmas to all the Kramers but especially you Jo. Thank you for being you.

  14. These are so fun, and they look great! Thanks for the reminder to make things you want for yourself! I have been wanting to make some doll quilts to have at my house for the granddaughters to play with. Right now, I have unhemmed flannel remnants I let them use. It’s time to make the dolls some quilts!

  15. Good for you. They look fab. I especially like the the smaller together withyour beautiful green set of drawers, (can’t remember what it’s called), don’t they go together well with the tin stand and everything.
    Usually I’d sent you regards from England but today I’ll send you regards from USA as I’m spending Christmas and New Year with my daughter and her family. Yay

  16. An excellent way to spend some time and give a little happiness to yourself! I need to follow your lead… soon, I hope!

  17. Beautiful projects! I’ve been participating in the American Patchwork and Quilting challenge. I find just making the list of a dozen UFOs keeps me focused.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  18. I love them both. So glad you stepped out of your norm. It’s fun to have a small finished isn’t it? I need to do more smalls also. You can’t beat a HST.

  19. Lovely table topper and table runner! Reading your blog this morning made me laugh – I do exactly the same thing! I almost never make something for me, even though it would make me happy & most of the time it would be something small. It’s always for someone else. I’m going to take a page from your book and do something for me today. Think of others who read your blog and will do the same thing — your blog has that effect on people. Thank you, Jo, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  20. Both of the smalls are just darling. I always seem to make big projects and I think I need to make a few smaller items so it feels like I accomplished something. Lucky you to find so many bonus triangles, they worked out beautifully.

  21. So PERFECT!!! Love both!! Terrific that you took the time to do some special “just for you” projects.
    I like the “SMALL ” things–I get them finished—they are done– I actually accomplished something- Maybe a UFO is all done–instead of the nagging thoughts about what is sitting back in the sewing room –waiting forever for me to get back to them. I bet the biggest percentage of all your Blog readers feel the same, about that idea of “just take the time to do something special for US”!!! We sure can find ourselves stuck in a rut!! And I get stuck with my writing letters. Start a letter, write maybe 2 paragraphs and then something else pops into my head, can’t focus and letter waits again. Same thing with sewing etc. When it isn’t COLD and WINDY, I want to be outside!! Sure does take care of the other kind of “me” time!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  22. I love this post. One of your best. It shows we can do things that mean a lot and don’t take so much time and effort but give such a boost to our self esteem and we come away with something that really makes us so very happy. It goes to prove that small things really do mean a lot and they add up to so much more in the long run. Think of how happy the joy to both yourself and to someone who you could gift a small item like this to. Not everyone wants or needs a whole quilt but would love a table topper or a candle mat or even a mug rug. How inspiring this post was for me. Thank you so much.

    I wish you and your family a most Happy Holiday Season. And my prayers for your continued road to a recovery from your health issues. May 2022 be the year that brings us all closer to what matters most.

  23. I thought that I remembered that you had a quilt along making small quilts. I checked and it was in 2012. I’ve been making quilt tops for others for several years, and after reading this post, I’ve decided it’s time I make something for me. I didn’t follow along back in 2012, it’s time I make something for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Our guild Christmas party one year was hosted by a lady who had a Christmas table topper/runner on every flat surface in her house. She pointed out that the reverse of each one was in anything but Christmas fabrics, so after Christmas all she did was flip them to change her decor. I thought that was genius … but have I done it … NO … still thinking about it (probably 20 years later) LOL! Thanks for sharing yours!

  25. They both look wonderful! I really love making those kind of things for my hubby’s family. The last couple years I have made of table runners and gave them for Christmas, they all had Christmas backings! The next year they can have some extra decorations at Christmas. I have made several bed size quilts, and only one has been quilted the rest are just pretty tops.

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!! Tami

  26. Thanks for the squirrel….going to repurpose those red and neutral blocks I have laying around for a Valentine’s table runner for under my dough bowl first thing tomorrow! My three day trip to visit family got postponed so free time to putter! Yippie!

  27. I love your posts…especially this one! Your table topper and table runner are gorgeous…so happy for you! I read the comments and was struck by the wonderful words of your readers…both excited and encouraging. Wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you and your family and may the New Year bring happiness and health.

  28. Hi No, I love your table topper and runner’ I saw the quilts that you posted on 12/1721 that th quilt group donated, could give an approx size of the different finished blocks? I would like to try to make some of them, I’m a beginner and they look simple enough to tackle just need a starting point. You and your family are in my prayers, cancer has touched meny of my family members. Thank you! Christmas Blessings to you and yours!
    Becky Walker

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