Progress On Jingle Bell Square

I have to laugh that I have been working on my Jingle Bell Square quilt.  It’s far from Christmas and this is the last quilt top in my sewing room that needs attention because it’s for me…and Christmas is MONTHS away.  I don’t know why when I was sick that Saturday that I started sewing it.  In all reality, I think it was the closest project to grab and I felt so crappy that I just grabbed it and started working.  Now that’s in progress though…It’s a little hard to put it down.


It’s a busy quilt..I am glad that it has the white sashing in between.  It really needs it.I am not a Christmas fabric purchaser.  I never buy it.  Much of the fabric in this has come from blog readers that sent fabric or the random piece I picked up here or there at the thrift store once I knew I’d be making this quilt.

For the longest time I was nervous because none of the greens were in the same tonal families.  Some are bright..some are dark..some are blue toned, some olive toned.  That sashing has a big roll in making them all mix together and play nicely.

I have the outer borders sewn but I don’t have inner borders yet.  Now my task is to find the Christmas fabric again so I can cut the fabric and get them made.  I’m not in a big hurry though.  My goal is to have it done and bed ready by Thanksgiving weekend…I have plenty of time but I think as long as I have it this far, I’d prefer to at least get the top completely together so I can check at least part of the project off my list.

If you missed the pattern, you can find it here as a digital pattern for purchase.  It was in Quitmaker magazine at Christmas time.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern.

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  1. I love it! Choosing that one might have been the medicine you needed to focus beyond feeling “crappy”. It’s a quilt which makes me smile every time I see it.

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