Progress in Our Little “Town”

Will live on a farm but that farm is “technically” in the “city” limits of Jackson Junction.  We really aren’t much of a “town”.  Population is 60 in the 6 square miles of the city limits.  Our family is 7 of the 60.

Our “town” hosts the public school for the surrounding 5 communities.  The class sizes are between 18-50 kids.

There is a golf course and a fertilizer co-op in the town too.

We no longer have mail delivery throw the town.  That comes through Waucoma.

The people who serve on the city council really work hard to make good improvements.  Recently they hired a company to install a outdoor warning system.

One might think that the warning system is a big expense and not needed for such a small population but that isn’t necessarily true.  Years ago two people were outside of school when a severe storm came through and were struck by lightning.

We often have people out on the golf course or students out practicing for their sports who are completely unaware of incoming storms.  The warning siren has the potential to save many lives.

I think it’s great that the community leaders are working to keep us all safe.

3 thoughts on “Progress in Our Little “Town””

  1. I remember one stormy night when I was up with vomiting children, watching the lightning outside the window when suddenly, way off in the distance there was a “Wump!” and a large, yellow egg-shaped glow grew on the horizon and then sank back down.
    Later I learned that it was the civil air raid warning system that had been hit by lightning, and the sirens went off all over the city, except in my subdivision.
    If an air raid siren saves just one life, that is enough.

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