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When I was in Cincinnati one of my other favorite booths was Primitive Gatherings.  I met Lisa, designer of the goodies, and her husband Nick.  It’s great to see a family working together to build a business.   They do LOTS of shows together and have an amazing system of getting their booth set up and taken down.  Lisa was so nice and let me snap some pictures so that I could show them to you.

Their booth was kiddy-corner from Country Threads booth and let me tell you…it was so hard not to just run over and purchase goodie after goodie!

Here’s their booth.

I finished a wool project so I’ve been looking to a new one (even though I have a few more here to finish)..I love this geranium…

I love the alphabet too…I just did an alphabet piece.  Can I ever have too many alphabet goodies…NO!

I already have this pattern…maybe I should just finish it!  Something about those tiny pieces have intimidated me.  I usually work on wool in the car and with tiny pieces…it’s not a car project.  I am going to get that project pulled out and get over my fear.

I have the book that has this pattern in and I have always wanted to make it….

The book has this cute project in too.  That book really was a good buy….now if I would just get a couple of the projects made.

I love these small quilt with triangles….

I’ve notice that small piecing has really gotten to be even more attractive to me.  After seeing all these cute little nine patch quilt, I caved to the pressure and bought the book.  Update:  Many have asked where to find the book for the Nine Patch quilts.  Here’s the link.

Here’s another shot of those little nine patch quilts.  Aren’t they adorable?! All of the patterns come in ONE book!!  Someone once said, “If you like three projects from a book it’s worth purchasing.”  Well I love all of these!!

Lisa had lots of great punchneedle embroidery projects too.

If I started these wool stockings now and did one each month, I’d have them done in time for Christmas.

Check out the new scissor case pattern…there are those geraniums again.  Boy I love them!

I have seen this pattern and have wanted to make it….but a girl can only make so many things….RIGHT??

I love the mix of cottons and wool….Oh to have more time to make things…and more places to display them.

I have to say….Primitive Gatherings really had an awesome booth.  Hopefully someday I will get to see their store….oh hubby. how about a vacation to Wisconsin….

You can see Primitive Gatherings full website filled with goodies here…you can read the shop’s blog here…and Lisa’s blog here.   By the way you might want to check out a new Summer weekly project Lisa has that will be starting soon….I have thought about doing if for the last two years and haven’t.  Maybe this is the year?!

8 thoughts on “Primitive Gatherings”

  1. My girlfriend and I went to the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in FL and they were there. I love their products and it took me awhile to pick something! I ended up getting a couple of patterns!

  2. Drooling over the geraniums – I have the book with the bird in it – love it – Summer Gatherings I believe – many projects in it I “need” to do:). LOVE THEM!

  3. You are so right their booth was amazing. It was my first stop on Preview night! I have the nine patch book but haven’t done anything from it yet.

  4. I went to the sewing expo in Fl a few months back. That is where my husband convinced me to make him a small quilt for his office. We were in the Primitive Gatherings booth and he picked one of their patterns and then he saw the 9-patch book and said he needed one of those too. I think I will leave him home next time! LOL No, I am slowly getting the HST design made and already have the fabrics picked for the 9 patch quilt.
    I love this company and I really love the way they do their booth. Everything is easy to find.

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