Preservation.  That has been my word of the week.

Last Friday Kalissa asked if I would watch Carver while she went shopping south of us to the Amish-then onto the grocery store in Oelwein.  I said yes immediately.  I had gotten a call the night before telling me that my peaches were in.  If she was already going, then she could get my peaches.  Perfect plan.  Then I wouldn’t have to make the trip to get them.  That would save at least an hour of my day.  YAHOO…Plus I got Carver time.

Then as she was driving, there were a few phone calls back and forth and before I knew it the plan was MUCH larger.  She was going to the produce auction and was getting produce for salsa making…and getting mums.

She sent me this picture….

Then a few frantic messages that went something like this…not sure how many tomatoes I ended up buying….how many peppers per batch of salsa….How many onions per batch of salsa.  CRAP.  I missed peppers.  No wait.  I got peppers.  Are you sure these onions are big.  I got onions.  Did you want onions to winter over.  Got onions.  How many mums do you want….

Then a message.  Auction over.  Got want we need-I think.

Then this picture. 

Until she pulled up into the yard I had no idea what she bought only that it was about $175 worth of stuff and part of it was hers.  She never did get to the grocery store.

After the dust cleared I had four bushels of tomatoes, two of peppers, three of onions and three mums.  The rest was Kalissa’s.  The mums were $5 each.  Kalissa was so bummed as she bought some of the first mums.  More came later that were only $3 each.  We’re good at auctions but Amish produce auctions are really different.  Sometimes a buy HAS to take all five plants in a lot….sometimes a buy can choose how many they want to take at the asking price.  It’s hard to know what’s coming in the next lot and how it will be sold.  I’m super happy with my mums and will happily buy more should I get a chance to go to the auction again.  They are so pretty and the summer plants at the back of my house have gotten spindly.  They can get pulled up early and mums can go in to finish out the year.

I used to do a lot of canning…I haven’t much since we moved.  It’s really hard with childcare.  Who wants to can after working a ten hour day??  Then I’ve had a smaller garden.  Two years ago I had foot surgery in August and there was no canning to be done with a bum foot that I couldn’t put any weight on….and if you’ve ever canned, you know that one of the biggest parts about it is running up and down the stairs to get the equipment upstairs and then the canned produce and the equipment back downstairs at clean up time.  No stairs happened with my bum foot.

This year I was happy to do some canning.  I have a good foot and my shoulder is doing good too….So let the canning begin.

5 thoughts on “Preservation”

  1. That’s quite an interesting way to sell your produce, completely new to me. And those onions? They absolutely need to become at least a few onion rings.

  2. Let the fun begin! Isn’t it a joy to have such a bounty to put by!?!

    Last Sunday, HH & I processed the 17 pints of spiced applesauce that our very pregnant daughter made. Then he made & processed 30 pints of my Secret Recipe BBQ Sauce! For our pantry and to share with the family. That’ll last till about Christmas.

    Today, said daughter & I picked a crate full of free wild apples that we will do up Sunday. That should net about 25 pints for her pantry!

    Next I’ll help with peaches, she’s hoping to to get about 50# put by before the baby comes in 2 weeks! Yikes, not sure we will make that deadline.

    We have eaten all of my chunky aisan-style plum sauce that we love with chicken or pork over rice. We go through at least a pint of that a week, so I am eagerly awaiting the Italian Prunes to come ripe. That’ll be a couple days work to grate all the fresh ginger, chop onion and pit the prunes. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

  3. Amish auctions are a fun event when we visit Iowa and those Mums are a fantastic buy at 5 bucks. Happy canning!

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