Pre-Mystery UFO Challenge

Over the next few weeks I am hosting a UFO Challenge.  Everyone who participates picks a UFO that they have and they try to finish it before Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery quilt comes out on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  If you stop by on Wednesdays you can see everyone’s progress…and by the way, it’s not to late to join us.

So another week and another check in on how you are doing with your UFO for the challenge.

Me, I’m happy with how I did.  My goal was to get half of the white background finished.  I got ALL of the them finished.  YA-HOO!!

I am so happy that I host this challenge because it really keeps me focused on getting projects finished and that’s a good thing.  I’m such a good starter…If fact I am excellent at starting…finishing, not quite as good but that’s okay.

Next week dare I hope that this becomes a top??

I am getting excited for the mystery.  Dare I show this…my fabric.

I ended up getting all the bundles that Whittles Fabrics have.  If you missed the blog post about Whittles great bundles of fat quarters that they put together for the mystery, you can find that post here.  Anyway…I couldn’t resist.  12 fat quarters for $16 with only a $5 shipping charge.  That can’t be beat!!  Honestly, I expected there to be a dud or two of fabrics in the mix but I really didn’t find one.  Now that the fabric is here I’m really looking forward to the mystery.  I actually love these colors.  I hope I love them when it’s finished.

See you right back here next week.

10 thoughts on “Pre-Mystery UFO Challenge”

  1. The colors are very nice. I look forward to following your progress. I’ll just download the directions and wait until she is finished to see how the pattern looks before I decide if I want to jump in. Wild Child is bright and colorful. She’ll look cheery and bright on a dreary winter’s day.

  2. I’m more than 3/4 of the way done with quilting on my Grand Illusion. Can’t wait to get it finished. Hopefully by Thanksgiving the quilting will be done.

  3. After seeing your post about the bundles, I too ordered them. They had very quick turn-around and I even ordered another fabric from the clearance. I did, however, find about 5 that I don’t think will work in this quilt. One of the yellows was just way too bright and I am not really a fan of the other ones. At that price though I will just give them to one of my friends or the local quilt guild.

  4. Thanks for posting about the Whittles fat quarter bundles—I ordered them and I think they did a great job putting the bundles together- —and at that price is amazing—-I don’t think I would have had time to get the fabrics together to do Bonnie’s mystery without ordering these….I am very happy–Whittles will get more business from me….I think the fabrics matched Bonnie’s paint chips really well….

  5. I know how you feel about starting projects. I call myself a beginning quilter since I begin projects but somehow I get bored or frustrated and then I stop. I’m trying to be better and actually finished a quilt I began last year and stopped in October.

  6. I had already gathered my fabrics from my LQS annual one-half yard sale, but when I looked at Whittles selection of neutrals and reds fat quarter bundles for Bonnie’s mystery, I just couldn’t resist buying those too, as I do not have many neutrals and even less of reds. If I don’t use them in the Mystery, they will be a good addition to my stash. I really like Whittles’ prices! Thanks for the heads up on that store. And, on another subject, your blocks in the picture above are SO pretty, I love them! Such colorful eye candy! Can’t wait to see the finish!

  7. I focused at retreat and NOW have ALL the blocks for Tumalo Trail made! I also have all the center sashings cut along with all the blues for for corner stones. MY goal is a top by the start of the Black Friday mystery, and a complete quilt by Christmas. I have not pulled fabrics for Bonnie’s mystery, because I put the paint chips my friend Kathy mailed me in a very safe place. So safe, I don’t remember where it is. :( I am almost done grading term papers, so should have the weekend to sew and ALL of the THANKSGIVING BREAK! Better oil/lube those vintage machines. . .they are going to get a workout! I saved phone books today from recycling at work, so Wild Child just might be my next START. . .

  8. I’m so impressed with how much you got done! Your wild child is going to be a fun quilt! Not much progress here–it was a much busier weekend than I expected, so little time to sew. I’m finally back to quilting the charity quilt, and I got the backing washed for my Oklahoma Backroads so that will be ready to get basted and quilted next.

  9. Great progress on your blocks, and they look wonderful, too! Whittles is one of my favorite places to shop. I dream of going in person some day. I’ve never had anything from there that wasn’t quality fabric. You just have to order when you first see it, because things don’t last long!

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