Pre-Mystery UFO Challenge

Over the next few weeks I am hosting a UFO Challenge. Everyone who participates picks a UFO that they have and they try to finish it before Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery quilt comes out on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you stop by on Wednesdays you can see everyone’s progress…and by the way, it’s not to late to join us.

Now that Grand Illusion is finished I needed another UFO.  Technically I really wouldn’t call my Wild Child a UFO.  I’ve never really packed it all up and put it away.  It’s been set aside though…many times.  I’ve never really actually sat down and worked on it either.  I cut it out a few month ago when I was sorting through the scrap and fabrics in a effort to clean and finally organize the sewing room.  I’ve decided that I am going to work on that quilt though.  It’s the quilt that I really want to finish.  It has my heart right now so I am going with it.


A couple months ago I played around and made a couple blocks just to see how they would look.  I made five with teal background and five with white background.  This week I bit the bullet and charged ahead making 43 more blocks.  YAHOO!!  Now that was progress!  I’m giving it all I have to try to have this one finished by the time the new mystery comes out and that’s only a few weeks away so I need to SEW LOTS!

Sadly that only makes 48 blocks.  I don’t have more pieces cut out to finish the other 2 blocks that I need.  It will be a pain to cut out single pieces so the two remaining blocks still look scrappy but I’ll do it.

I just love these blocks.  I’m finding that I love COLOR!!  The teal is so fun.  I hope I love it finished as much as I do this far along.

I’m hoping next week that I can have half of the white based blocks finished.  I need to make a goal if I am to finish.

Until next Wednesday, Happy Quilting!!

3 thoughts on “Pre-Mystery UFO Challenge”

  1. I had knee surgery last week and haven’t sewed at all as I can’t sit very well. I’m hoping next week will be better and I’m really hoping to at least have Grand Illusion quilted by Thanksgiving.

  2. Tumalo Trail blocks all finished and sashing strips and squares all cut! Grading hard this week, so I can have the weekend to put it together. I made serious progress at retreat!

  3. It was a busy week and no progress was made. Hopefully I’ll get a lot done this week–not much time left before Thanksgiving! I did, however, pick my colors for the new mystery and start shopping for that……

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