Pre-Mystery UFO Challenge

Over the next few weeks I am hosting a UFO Challenge. Everyone who participates picks a UFO that they have and they try to finish it before Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery quilt comes out on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you stop by on Wednesdays you can see everyone’s progress…and by the way, it’s not to late to join us.

Yahoo!!  Lookie-lookie.  I have LOTS of progress.

It’s a top.  It’s a top.  It’s a top.  I know those of you who are working on UFOs can totally relate that once UFOs get to top status you just want to celebrate.  I sure did this week!


At this point I like it better than I originally did…do I love it?  Not yet.

That’s something that often happens to me though.  I often don’t love a quilt and then once the quilting is done and the binding on, I’m happy with it…and have even grown to love it.

I am starting to debate on how to quilt it.  It’s so-so busy.  I just want something super simple to hopefully help calm it down.   I’m off to get a back together.  I’m not letting it sit or it just might end up sitting some more.  I am thinking brown binding.  So that’s next week’s goal.  Make the binding and piece the backing.  It’s not much but achievable and right not that’s good.

Stop back next week and see how we’re all doing!

11 thoughts on “Pre-Mystery UFO Challenge”

  1. I am making progress on Bonnie’s My Blue Heaven!! I have over half of the 90 blocks completed. Thanks for the challenge, if is working for me!!

  2. I finished my Lozenges (leader/ender challange) quilt – thank you for encouraging those finishes before the new mystery.

  3. I quilted my Grand Illusion with a medium stipple. It was for my granddaughter so I wanted something simple that would help support the patchwork thru laundering. I think the Grand Illusion is one of those busy quilts that is prettier when looked at from a distance.

  4. I’m still quilting my Grand Illusion with diagonal lines and I think has tamed it down some. Your challenge has kept me working on it, so thanks for posting the challenge. Like you, I wasn’t in love with this quilt but now that a lot of it is quilted, I like it better. I wanted the binding to be the same yellow/gold that I used but don’t have enough so will have to see what I can find.

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  6. I’m still working on picking out the quilting on the charity quilt, but in the meantime I finished the last 2 star struck blocks and have started putting the top together. I’m hoping to finish the top this week (or, at least up to the borders, since I haven’t decided what to do for them yet). Thanks for the incentive to keep working on this!

  7. It may be busy, but I think it’s your prettiest one I’ve seen ! I would do one of the pinks for a binding – or at least one of the muted greens you have there.

  8. Beautiful!! Baptist fans are my go to for calming down a quilt pattern. They are classic and go with almost everything.

  9. I got my
    Pineapple Blossom throw quilted – just need to bind it. I agree with you re. how “busy” some of Bonnie’s quilts are, sometimes too busy for my taste. I enjoy following along on her mystery quilts, but I’ve learned to wait and see what the final product is before I commit!

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