Prayers for Sale

I am a HUGE fan of Sandra Dallas books…have you read any?  I just finished listening to Prayers for Sale.  It is excellent and I recommend you check it out. 


Henny, the main character in the book, was a young bride during the civil war.  Things happen that encourage her to move to a gold mining area near Denver, Colorado.  Henny LOVES to quilt and is often telling stories to local ladies.  At the writing of the book, Henny is now an old lady and is being forced to move from her beloved home. 

I can’t tell you a lot more about the book without giving the story away.  Get a tissue ready for the last chapter…

Sandra Dallas often weaves quilting into her novels so if you are  a historical fiction reader who quilts too, she is the PERFECT author for you.  All of her books are good…
Alice’s Tulips and
The Diary of Mattie Spenser and of course, Prayer for Sale are my favorites.  I listened to this book from the listening library …I can’t say enough good things about the listening library or about this book. 

So kuddos to you Sandra Dallas on another great book!!

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