Postage Auction and Community Quilting Update

I want to take a minute to do a HUGE shout out for the success we had with the charity auction for postage a couple of weeks ago.  It was my best auction ever.  I got a couple of donations for postage from people who didn’t even bid on an item.


The Joyful Quilter wrote:
“Best of luck with your auction, Jo!!”

I did have the best of luck.  Everyone responded right away and within a day or so, all the packages were sent out and on their way to their new owners.  By now, even with slow postage, I think all of the packages should have been delivered.

About the auction, Bonnie L wrote:
I love your “mail call” emails. Always so much fun to see what others send you.  Just a thought, The Pink Shoelaces, which I love, too, has a “buy me a Coffee” button. What a great idea, and I have sent money to her. Why don’t you do that for your blog to make it easy to send you postage money? I would be more inclined, I never remember to send you a check or actual money.

Keep up what you are doing, I love your blog!

Bonnie this is a great idea.  I talked with Kayla and she thought it was a good idea too.  I will add a button to the bottom of community quilt posts.  The money earned from that will go into the postage fund.

Here is what Kayla created so you will know what it looks like….

Thank you for considering a donation to cover charity quilt shipping costs.

I think Bonnie had a great idea.  I appreciate your input on charity quilts.

I also had a comment from Holly in Indiana:
I have had the best entertainer keeping track of the auction. If everyone pays accordingly, you will have a couple of months worth of postage. I wouldn’t mind sending more items for another auction and I am sure others would have you auction items they send for that purpose also. Again thanks.”

I am thrilled with this idea too.  I’d love it if someone has vintage collectible items that they would like to donate and I’ll add them to auctions that will happen in the future.  Vintage quilt tops, feed sacks, vintage sewing notions, embroidered blocks…all of that type of stuff.  If you’re wondering if it would be a good item, “think is it something Jo typically sells when she has an auction”.  If it is, I’m sure it would be.

..and YES, I did get postage to cover a couple of months worth.  I’m so pleased.  THANKS, EVERYONE!!

I got a note from a winner of one of the auctions, Gerrie, she wrote:
I have made all the flowers for an heirloom quilt for my eldest daughter, then I shattered my shoulder and will forevermore have limited movement. Though I should be able to quilt, I didn’t think I would have the stamina to make the flowers for my youngest daughter’s quilt… I was so happy to see these; they will be perfect! And coincidentally, I will need 59 of them!

She was the winner of these blocks…

This made my heart happy.  Goodness came all-around from the auction!

Before the auction, I was looking at my budget and said something to one of my kids.  They suggested I not do charity quilting anymore to save money so I don’t have the postage expense.  I said no.  I’m staying every faithful that this will all just take care of itself.  It’s a good mission and if it’s meant to be, the money will come.  I am an Iowa girl after all.  Just like the Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come.  That’s just what has happened with the charity quilting project!!  THANKS so much for believing in it.  I sure do!

A million thanks for all of you comments, bids, and donations.  If anyone has any other ideas on how to make the charity quilting go more smoothly, I would appreciate any suggestions.  Sometimes it takes lots of trial and error to find the best way to handle it all.  So far, we’ve done well.

6 thoughts on “Postage Auction and Community Quilting Update”

  1. You have the attitude of a generous, blessed person and a heart of gold. You are right that if it is meant to be, it will happen. Besides the money you spend on postage, you give much time for helping so many people who need quilts. May you continue to be blessed with this service.

  2. Jo, I have always been so in awe of how you manage all the mail you get. I know you fret sometimes when something gets misplaced but somehow you pull these auctions together and divide up the other things you receive, keeping some and sending the rest to a better home where it will be used to comfort others. And then coordinating piecing and quilting. We are so lucky to have you and you are undoubtedly inspiring many of us. Thank you!

  3. Jo, I am so glad the auction went so well. You are so generous with your time and talents and donate so much to others. Like Sally said, “We are very lucky to have you.”
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Such a blessing to have the success of the auction. Praying for you and your family during this time. don’t you love it one of your Grands says or does something that shows they are watching thinking and listening

  5. One suggestion that could be immensely helpful? Ask those who want to mail you quilt tops to email you with photos. Then connect them via email with a quilter to finish and donate. The finisher can still send you photos and a story, you’re still the conduit but shipping costs disappear for these.

    This would remove finished flimsies from the shuffle for you and give you more resources for other things like batting and thread for YOUR charity work!

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