Popping In

I am swamped.  BUT I AM HAPPY.  REALLY, REALLY HAPPY.  I love the house.  Slowly every day it’s becoming exactly the home I dreamed for our family.

The move happened on Saturday.  I wasn’t really ready for it….mentally yes I was ready.  Actually ready with everything packed.  NOPE…Not ready.  The majority of the packing that I had done was done on the main floor.  I had boxes lining all the rooms.  I figured that those would get loaded up first and I along with Kelli would frantically pack rest of the upstairs.  Hubby had a different plan.  Everything that would be going in the upstairs of the new house had to be moved first.  UGH.  That meant everything that wasn’t packed needed to be packed ASAP.

The stairs at the new house are narrow and they have a turn.  The majority of our things would never make it.  We knew that and have purposely designed the addition to accommodate that.  It ended up working something like this.

A friend of ours has a tele-handler.  It’s more or less a fancy fork lift.  They would load the deck of it with things that needed to go upstairs.


They  would raise the deck up to the upper door….


Then open the door and carry it all in.

That big toilet box is FULL of quilts coming in to make their home in the new sewing room.

The reason Hubby changed things up for me and said we needed to move the upstairs things first is because we had beautiful weather on Saturday and the yard wasn’t frozen.  As the temperatures rose the frost left the ground and our yard became a totally muddy mess.  I am so thankful that he realized that would happen and had us move that stuff in the morning.

After a long day we ended up at the local bar for supper.

This isn’t the entire group of people who helped.  Our neighbor and Hubby’s boss helped earlier in the day too.  We had house warming presents for neighbors and friend too.  We are so blessed to have them all in our life.

It was a LONG day and very fun evening.  We can’t thank our friends and neighbors enough.  Moving just plain stinks.  It’s never a fun task but this group made it all bearable.  Thanks to all you blog readers for your well wishes and prayers for good weather.

I am deep in boxes…but really, really happy!!

15 thoughts on “Popping In”

  1. wonderful photos. Take time to ‘live’ while you unpack. And even ‘rest’ now and then. I have moved a lot – my favorite move, we limited the number of hours we could unpack, so after that time was over, we went out for a walk, or a movie, or shopped, or ate…. or rested. and it was the best move ever…

    big big congratulations to you.

  2. Congratulations on your move! I didn’t quite understand the addition for moving everything to the second story but w pictures of the fancy forklift loaded & lifting to the door I think that is genius!! Take care & don’t overdo!!

  3. Yet. Dreams do come true. Especially with lots of hard work and planning. Can’t wait to see it all organized in another month. Keep up the good work and grateful attitude.

  4. Jo Anne Schnebly

    We were “professionally” moved the last time. We moved from one old farm house to another old farm house. Both have upstairs outside doors that open onto porch roofs. The movers were intrigued with the concept and very thankful. When they “moved” boxes of fabric out of one upstairs bedroom, they rigged up some extra long boards to “slide” the boxes down to the truck. They said not to tell their boss. They also enjoyed being able to turn the truck around in the barnyard and being able to park right up next to the house instead of out on the street/road. Fewer steps. They were a fun crew to work with.

  5. Congratulations on your move. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog about the work that goes into a house renovation to make it into your new home. I’ve lived in my present home since 1984. I dread to think what I’d find in the loft now!

  6. So happy to hear from you! The weather has been perfect for you and a move. Looking forward to seeing photos of the “after”. Take care and don’t work too hard.

  7. Many hands make light work! Moving is never fun, but I can hear how excited you are to be in your new home. I know its still a work in progress and that you are crazy busy – thanks for popping in with an update.

  8. Your husband is so smart! My dad thinks like that too. What a brilliant way to move belongings to the second floor—so much easier than climbing stairs with heavy boxes! Well, take time to get settled in and don’t feel pressure to post long blogs. We all understand how much work it is to make a move. Congratulations on your new house!

  9. What great family and friends you have to help you move! I can only imagine your joy as you continue to transform the house into your home, putting your stamp on it. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you and your family with great times and wonderful memories in it.

  10. Glad the worst is behind you. It will just get better from here. I enjoyed the house pics, the floors are beautiful!

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