Pomp and Circumstance

Today is the day for a little “Pomp and Circumstance”.  Our youngest daughter, and last kiddo, graduates from high school today.  Technically she finished her classes in December but opted to walk for graduation ceremonies with her classmates now in May.  First this morning we have bachelaruette (I can’t figure out how to spell it sorry) services at church.

We have extra kids at home so we were scrambling to get things together.  Hubby who worked in the field until 1:30 am and was back out to do chores at 5 am in an effort to get to church on time came in and I made him a breakfast sandwich.  He went to take a shower and we had no water.  I went to church with the kids while he tried a couple things that didn’t work.  Now, the well guy and Hubby are trying to fix it.


We have a couple hours before we need to be at school so hopefully we’ll have water by then.   If not, he’ll go to the neighbors to shower and his boss will come work with the well guy.

In the meantime, Kalissa is busy working on her hair and we’re trying to figure out what we can cook for lunch that needs no water.


I always thought that Kalissa’s graduation would be hard on me knowing that our last one will be leaving the nest but I’ve had the last five months to work on it and it hasn’t been bothering me.  I am ready to be done with school faculty, school programs and school drama.  I enjoyed it but am really comfortable seeing that chapter close.

I am glad that she decided to walk with her class though.  It gives more of a finality to it all.

Congrats Kalissa!  You made us proud!

12 thoughts on “Pomp and Circumstance”

  1. What a bummer to be with out water during graduation time. Got to love neighbors that will let you come over and use the bathroom they are a blessing

  2. Cindy Kuipers

    First, congratulations to your daughter!
    Second, I am so glad to see you say that you are comfortable closing this chapter. My son, my only child, graduates from high school next Sunday. Everyone keeps asking me, and my husband, if I am ok, am I getting emotional yet, aren’t I sad. NO, I am not! I am proud of him for his accomplishments but so ready for the next chapter. I really am not having a hard time with this at all! Glad to see I am not the only one.
    Hope you get your water situation figured out. No fun to not have water.

  3. CONGRATS to Kalissa,!
    My husband and I are in the same place as your family. I’m ready to be done also my husband not so much he thinks he will be lonely. I’m not sure why since Nick is a really busy kid and he’s never home. Having no water really sucks! Hope it’s turns out to be an easy fix having critters and no water is tough. We keep a few plastic water barrels arounds for just in case……….

  4. Congratulations to you and your husband for reaching such a tremendous milestone in your lives. Congratulations, too, to Miss Kalissa. I know you are all proud and happy on this special day. Hope your water woes are resolved quickly.

  5. Congrats Kalissa! May this just be the beginning of all your wonderful future adventures, go for what will make you the most happy! Micki

  6. There is something about the graduation ceremony that brings closure to schooling be it HS or College. My empty nest feelings came when my only daughter got married. Then I knew she really wasn’t returning to our home town to live ever again. She lives about 2,300 miles away.

  7. My father was a well driller, so growing up I was on the other end of those “out of water” calls. Good luck getting it fixed!

    Congrats to the new graduate!

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