Polly Finds a Home

I knew when we took Polly as our foster dog, we wouldn’t have her long.  Her coloring is perfect..she was a good mix, Border Collie and Akita plus she had a fun personality.


While she was here she got PLENTY of attention from everyone.  On Sunday she had figured out how to get herself over the baby gate that I kept up between the kitchen and dining room.  That little girl has a determination.


We had an awesome time with her and will readily volunteer to foster a puppy again.  Honestly, I think I prefer them over an older dog.  Plus, I think a puppy is easier on our beagle Ruby.

The family that came to get Polly was from central Iowa.  They have a 14 year old daughter that I am sure is going to be a great friend to Polly.


So good bye Polly…enjoy your new family.

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