Plus One….

Everyone has been wondering about me.  How’s are things now that a little time has past since Kramer’s passing?

Busy…I guess is the best answer…Okay is another answer.  I won’t lie.  I get teary from time to time but I’m not in a big heap on the floor.  One foot in front of other is the only way I’m going.

I’ve had some more firsts…like this one.

Notice the invitation…”Jo Kramer and Guest”.  Ugh.  I guess I’ve moved back into the “plus one” category.  So many little things happen like this…a name on a invitation…a call from the insurance company to remove Kramer’s name from the policy…a “check engine soon” light.  All are gently reminders he’s gone.

Thankfully there are also LOTS of great reminders that even though I am on my own, there are still a million reasons to smile – a million ways that I can be needed and make a different.

For starters…these guys….

Getting back in the childcare swing has been good to me.  On Tuesday the bank sponsored the Moo Mobile (They serve AWESOME shakes) outside the bank so we went up for a walk to get our free shakes.  On this day I had seven kiddos.  Georgia is in the wagon in her carseat.

After ice cream we went to the park.

How can anyone be sad with giggles and laughter surrounding you?  I know I sure have no trouble.  These girls constantly have me smiling.

We came home, ate lunch and then I had a visitor….CONNIE!!  I thought Kelli took a picture and she thought I took a picture so we ended up with no Connie picture.  This makes me sad….It’s been a couple times that Connie has come and I’ve missed a picture.  UGH.

Anyway, Connie was great.  I so appreciated a visit.  She came to the Celebration of Life for Kramer but I didn’t get to talk to her much at all.  She’s a great gal.

Instead of a picture of Connie…I guess I’ll have to settle with a picture of the bag she brought.  Connie is a giver and always brings me something!!

Connie if you’re reading this, you forgot the bed AGAIN!!  Ah.  Connie bought an iron bed from me and has tried to remember to take it home a couple times and hasn’t gotten it home with her.  I’m starting to secretly wonder if she’s purposely leaving it here so she has an excuse to come back…HA!!

Connie left and about five minutes later Nell pulled in.

Nell, like Connie, couldn’t resist loving on Georgia.  It was great to visit with Nell.  You might remember Nell is from Nebraska.  I’ve been to several Bonnie Hunter events with her…most recently the retreat last summer in Oelwein.  We stay in touch which I love.

So you can see, I’m being looked after….either it’s the childcare kiddos…Connie, Nell, my own kids or all of you.  I’ve noticed that there have been LOTS more comments on my posts lately.  I love that.

By the way…Karl has volunteered to be my plus one should I decided to go to the wedding.  We’ll see.  I have time before I have to reply.

13 thoughts on “Plus One….”

  1. Darlynn Venne

    Jo, Weddings are hard. not that we are not happy for the couple, rather it brings home the love we had for our mates. After 15 years, I still have difficulty with weddings. I think I can go. I do. But afterwards, the celebration (so rightly deserved) I crumble and have to leave. Perhaps with your son you will weather the celebration better than I. I sincerely wish this for you!

  2. My mom has been filling out lots of medical forms lately. She keeps checking or writing “married.” I have to keep reminding her to put “widowed.” It’s hard. :-(

  3. I’m glad you are surrounded with love and laughter, it definitely helps. Your son sounds like a great Plus One.

  4. Jo, no pressure, but I wonder if you realize the inspiration you are to all of us reading your blog daily? Here’s to you and your big girl panties!

  5. Oh too funny ……..Connie If you are reading this!!!!! You know I do, sometimes twice! And I am sure I am not the only one to check in several times a day, just so we don’t miss anything! As far as the bed goes…. I remembered it when I got to Decorah. Should have turned around and then I could have saw Nell too!

  6. Bobi, that is not true. Your Mom is in fact still married. I know this because when my sister tragically widowed in 2007, she asked her attorney. He said “write married as long as you want to”. The marriage did not end.

  7. It’s hard to imagine that Karl wouldn’t be a fantastic “Plus One”. I also love that the invitation assumes that you might want someone with you. Not to replace Kramer, but just to be with you for that special event. I’m sure the happy couple (and their parents) will be delighted if you and Karl attend, and completely understand if you don’t.

  8. Mary Ann Mettler

    Sweet post – I too look forward to these posts they are a help – Prayers as your journey continues.

  9. Donna Pheneger

    My mom told me it was strange when her “status” changed. But, like you, one foot in front of the other.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day.
    Love and prayers.

  10. One foot in front of the other, perfect! I’m glad you are getting out and friends are checking in on you, it makes each new day easier.

  11. I think of you often, love hearing about your day, you make me think of my daughter going through what you are. She keeps busy too, just part of the grieving process. Hugs

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