Plumbers, Carpenters and Cement Guys OH MY!!

Things are happening and I love it!!

When we got to the house last night the cement guys had just finished pouring the front porch.  I was pleasantly surprised.  At first I had thought that the front porch was going to be really small.  We even asked the architect to make it bigger but then he explained something about the pitch of the roof and position of the upstairs window that would make that impossible.  We were fin with that and decided to just be happy we were getting a porch.

Then when I saw area that they had poured for the porch I was a little sad again wishing for something bigger.  Then last night we came and saw it with the top poured.  It’s bigger than I thought!


See…here’s a closer view.  I am happy with it.  We’ve talked a bit and decided that we don’t think we are going to put railing around the porch…just the pillars.  That would keep it more open looking and cut down on costs a bit.


Our main job last night was to tear off siding again….We didn’t get a lot done but every little bit we do on a job means we don’t have to pay the carpenters for that amount and we get done with the remodel that much sooner.

Today I was back to the house.  We are working some things out with the plumber so the basement floor can get poured.  As I was leaving the cement guys were getting ready to pour the footings for the garage.  The carpenters were removing the rest of the siding on the north side and getting ready to blow in insulation and the plumbers had arrived.  There was so much going on there really wasn’t a place to park.  The alley and the front of the house were full with vehicles.

We’ll be back to the house tonight to work on removing siding or to clean floor boards…no rest for the weary.  It’s a busy time at the house and that makes me so happy!!

10 thoughts on “Plumbers, Carpenters and Cement Guys OH MY!!”

  1. instead of the railings on the front porch, you can put some planters with flowers, etc in them just to define the edge a little and also to enjoy them when you are rocking in your charis on a beautiful autumn evening.

  2. I like the scrappy background and the leftovers quilt.
    I love siting on a porch in the fall or spring when the weather is nice.Good luck with the renovations!

  3. Wow, looks already great! Wish you a lot of strength to work on!
    And yeah I finished my ironing board cover, so glad you announced the challenge….

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