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Life is interesting.  Some days it’s more interesting than others.

Hubby had something going on with his finger and went to the doctor in December to check it out.  Then had a follow up appointment in January on the 23rd.

Leading up to the 23rd I noticed that Hubby wasn’t quite himself…he was sleeping more.  He seemed more winded.  I just had a funny feeling about things.  So I started hounding him asking that he get a Chest CT scan.  When I got mine in November I saw how easy it was to get a scan done. I thought he should get one. I hounded enough to the point that he got frustrated with me.  For some reason, it was just extra important to me so I kept hounding.  On the way to the doctor on the 23rd he told me he was going to ask for one.  I was so relieved.

On the next morning on the 24th the computer dinged.  It was an email.  I checked it and it was a test result from the doctor.  They had done blood work and other things so I quick looked at the computer and SHOCK!  It was his Chest CT Scan result and it said he likely has cancer in his right lung.  Oh my word.  Who wants that news?  Who ever wants to be the first to know the news?  I honestly thought the results were blood test results.  I was completely blindsided.  I had nagged and nagged for him to get the test expecting that it would give me peace of mind that he was fine.  I really never thought the opposite and that he’d actually have cancer.

It was hard.  Do I call Hubby and tell him?  Is the doctor going to call him?  What do I do?  I had a house full of childcare kids and I just read the news that my husband likely has cancer.

I called Kalissa.  I told her.  She said she’d come right over.  Thank heavens she wasn’t working.  I called Kelli.  I needed someone to help me figure out what to do about telling Hubby.

Do I go to the farm?  Do I call him?  Do I wait from him to come home?  AHHH.  Ugh.

Just then Hubby called me.  The first words out of his mouth were “What do you know?”  It is a saying he says to me all the time.  I swallowed hard.  I still wasn’t set on how I was going to tell him.  I stalled and said, “What do you know?”  He ended up telling me that the doctor’s nurse had called and they wanted him back in that afternoon for a further test because something showed up on the scan.  I was so relieved.  He knew.  AH.  So relieved.

Hubby came home from work a few hours later.  I was still a bit of wreck.  Every thought had ran through my mind…and Kalissa’s.  UGH.

So Hubby started talking to me and I realized the doctor’s nurse didn’t tell him the results of the test so I had to tell him after all.  In the end, I think it was better that it came from me.

We ended up at the doctor.  Kalissa watched the childcare kiddos.  This time they did a CT Scan with contrast.  The doctor, who we can’t say enough good things about, came in on his day off to only see Hubby.  We waited a half hour to see him but what a cool guy to come in for one patient.

From there we were told he needs to move on to Lacrosse to start seeing specialists.  A PET scan was scheduled for Wednesday of this week.We had the PET scan done and then were on to see the doctor.

Here’s what we found out….
It likely is cancer.  There are no other spots or concerns besides the original mass a maybe a lymph node or two near.  There is a remote possibility it could be an infection…but likely cancer.  There was not really any more news.  The doctor suggested a biopsy and had an opening in the schedule to do it the next day so we stayed overnight and that happened yesterday.

I spent LOTS of time in the waiting room working on this….I was stitching my life into words….”HOPE”.

After the biopsy the doctor didn’t completely rule out an infection but he said it would be very, very remote.

We go back to Lacrosse on Monday.  We see a team of doctors and have several appointments in the afternoon.  At that point, we’ll know more and will share more.  It’s been quite a week around here…so many thoughts have ran through our head….so many.  We told extended family and friends yesterday and today is the day to tell all of you.

We already know many of you will be supportive and prayerful for our family as we jump into the muck of Hubby’s lung cancer.  We are so appreciative of all of you.  Please don’t worry if a post here or there is missed.  I promise it’s probably only an error in scheduling.  I know all of you care about us and I won’t leaving you wondering.  Besides, I’ve said the blog is a bit of my journal and trust me, I’m going to need to journal about this.  As you all know, Hubby is the light of my life.  Long ago when we were dating my Dad said to me that he thought I was “chasing Hubby”.  I admit I was.  But I’m not done chasing.  I’ll keep fighting and chasing to keep him right here with me.

Thank You from all the Kramers….

152 thoughts on “PLEASE READ: The Latest at the Kramer House

  1. Debbie Burgess

    Oh Jo, it seems everywhere I turn there is a new health challenge with friends and family. Through all the years of reading your blog, you’ve become sort of like both. I’ll be keeping you all in my prayers. Just know that you have a huge extended family out here with lots of arms to hold you and I hope you feel that. Give my love to the kids and tell your hubby he’s in my prayers.

  2. Donna T

    I will be praying for hubby and your family. My mom had lung cancer 20 years ago. Medicine has advanced so much in that time! Stay positive and know that there’s many people praying for you!

  3. Lace Faerie

    I will keep you and all your family in my prayers! May the good Lord bless you with a peaceful countenance and all that you stand in need of. Blessings!

  4. Cindy E

    Thoughts and prayers for you, your hubby and your family. We’ve never met, but I feel closer to you than most of my family.

  5. Joanne

    Jo, couldn’t sleep so got up and went on Facebook and saw your post about your Hubby. Just know that I, and I’m sure all your blog readers, will be praying for your Hubby, you and your family as you start on this journey.

  6. Lisa

    Oh my, what a week your family has had. I’ve been praying for your continued good health for some time now, but I will add healing for your husband to that list. May the peace of God that transcends all understanding be upon you as you go through this.

  7. Linda

    My prayers are with you….I have been praying for your health and will pray for your husband as he goes through these test…..hugs……

  8. Judy

    So sorry to hear this. As you well know, cancer can turn one’s life upside down in the matter of minutes Hoping for the best for you and your family.

  9. Elle

    I’m so sorry Jo. Thank the good Lord you have him and your wonderful family to be together through this cancer with hubby. May He hold you and your doctors/nurses in His hands every step of the way.

  10. Diann Smith

    So glad he went and had the test. Things are way better these days with medical advances. Just tell him to follow his doctor’s suggestions. Your husband is so smart and talented in fixing and repurposing things and usually after a full day’s work….AMAZING. Very happy found sooner than later and all your readers wish him the best.

  11. Sandy Allen

    Prayers being said for you and your family.

    Thank you for sharing with us. Even though I don’t post much, I do read every blog post. I feel like I “know” you and appreciate all you share.

  12. Amber

    Positive thoughts coming your way. Sometimes there are just no words just hugs. Remember to take care of youself as you take care of your hubby.

  13. Tina in NJ

    I’m so thankful we live in the times we do, when something can be done and things like cancer can be caught early. Thank God you noticed something different and pushed for the test. Keep up your “Hope,” Jo, and good luck to Hubby. God bless.

  14. Linda L

    I’m so sad for you and your family. This is news no one wants to hear. May the eyes of th Lord be on you and your family and Gods ears attentive to your cry.

  15. Stoney Monte

    Sending thoughts of healing and hope for you, for Hubby and for all the kids as this part of the journey unfolds.

  16. Brenda Ehlers

    You are strong in your faith and have your family who is so supportive, lean on both to carry you through this time.
    Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me. He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases-Psalm 103.

  17. Anna Singleton

    So sorry Jo. Sending prayers for you all. Know that God is with you and he will take care of this. Hugs, Anna

  18. Janine Baker

    Just know that we are saying our prayers for you and hubby!!! Hugs to you during this awful waiting period.

  19. Joy

    Oh Jo, I’m so sorry to hear your news! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family on this journey. Our love to you.

  20. Bobi

    Sending positive thoughts your way. I almost feel like part of your family even though we don’t know each other and I live a thousand miles away. I find your honesty and candor so refreshing but when you share news like this, I think all your readers share your pain. Hopefully our caring comments can help just a bit.

  21. Carol Mazan

    Dear Jo,
    Your husband and family are in my prayers. I read your blog every day and I feel as if I know you. Stay strong!

  22. Paulette

    I can’t imagine the shock for all of you with this news. I know you will all rally together to remain positive and hopeful as you face whatever’s next in your hubby’s treatment plan. Will be thinking of you and maintaining positive and healing thoughts.

  23. Robby H.

    Wishing all of you all the best as you walk through this. What a blessing that it has been found so treatment can begin. I had a friend who had never smoked get diagnosed with lung cancer and he’s still with us ten years later doing all the things he used to do. Be positive as much as you can and know we’re all rooting for your family.

  24. Jill Klop

    Prayers already being said for your husband, you and the family! You are so good about sharing your life. We feel like family! You sharing about this will help one of your readers, I just know it. Do your best to take care of yourself during this time! Sending hugs and prayers!

  25. Robin anderson

    Prayers for all of you and your doctors to get him through this. The news is a shock but it’s been found and they can treat it. Things have come a long way in cancer treatments. Hugs

  26. Donna Albright

    Remain positive; support each other; talk to each other about everything. I want to impress upon you how important this is. It’s coming from someone who has been there. And pray….for strength for each other, for knowledge and ability for the doctors and compassion from our Lord and Savior. We will all pray for you.

  27. Carla

    I would like to encourage you with 2 thoughts Jo. Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you. And, you can get through all life throws at you because He will give you the strength to do so! I’m grateful to see the many messages of support. So grateful you are open about your faith and are willing to say the “p” word. Blog readers, let’s be the best prayer warriors we can be!!!

  28. Nancy

    Thinking of you and your family right now. Prayers that things will turn to the better for your husband. With friends and family support you guys will get thru this.

  29. Kim LeMere

    Jo, I shall keep all of you and especially your hubby in my prayers as you work through getting him healthy and back on his feet. Medicine has made great strides in lung cancer and its treatments. How wonderful that your doctor came in and was there for you, such a kind act.

  30. Andi

    Hi Jo,
    This made me tear up. Recieved much the same horrible shock two years ago when told my husband has Stage 4 brain cancer. I firmly believe he is still here, and doing well, because of the miracle of the doctors skill and the power of prayer. Will be praying for your whole family through this.

  31. Mary Jo

    Prayers for you and your family, especially your dear husband. I am a 23 year survivor of lung cancer so it IS curable in it’s early stages. We can only pray that this has been caught early. I had only been married for 6 months to my husband who had lost his first wife to colon cancer, so it was quite a scare for us. But there are those of us to beat this awful beast!

  32. Kristy Wilkinson

    Praying for you Jo and your sweet husband. The blessing in all of this is how quickly you have been able to get to the doctor and do all of these important tests. Keep trusting and know we are all behind you and your wonderful family. K-

  33. Sheila

    Thoughts and prayers at this special time. While I don’t know what the future holds for you, your family and especially your husband, I do know who holds you in His hands.

  34. Bobbie in Texas

    The Lord moves in mysterious ways… I haven’t looked at a blog post in forever… But today God told me to look…. You are all now on my prayer list – each one for different reasons… But those are not important – drawing near to Him and trusting Him is… Be blessed!

  35. Gloria

    Love, thoughts, & prayers to my Kramer Family … that’s how I feel after being in your Blog Family, Jo. Your doctors sound amazing in how they’ve wasted no time in acting right away! I’ll be praying for each one. There’s no doubt our Great Physician is with you. Gloria

  36. Doreen

    I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers and with Roger and you. Many hugs to you both! Let Roger know when he wants a gluten free chocolate torte to let me know and I will make one for him. I have a new recipe I want to try and I know how much he likes chocolate. You have such a good support system that will help you both through this.
    Hopefully, when all of the testing is done, it will be an infection since Roger works around all of the grain dust etc.
    Prayers to the whole family!

  37. Candi

    I’m so sorry to hear the bad news. I’m happy you bagged him and that he caved and went for the scan.
    Sending you and your family lots of hugs and prayers.

  38. Katherine Gourley

    Dearest Jo and Hubby,

    Even if I do not comment every day, I do read your blog and I do love you and your family. This is sad news, but our hope is in the Lord and I am praying mightily for all of you and especially for Hubby. Like you, my Hubby has been my everything for 52 years.

  39. Pat

    Dear Jo;

    I will be praying for you and your family. A faithful blog reader, I am so glad you insisted he get checked.
    My best to you. There are so many followers who will be supporting you I know!! Take care of yourself and your family.

  40. Lisa

    Praying right now for your whole family. God has your husband ( and you!) in the palm of His hand. I will keep your whole family in my prayers. {{Hugs}}

  41. Ruth

    Dear Jo, I hope that everything goes well and that your husband will be able to beat this lung cancer. I see that so many people are praying for you both. I noticed that one person said, “Jo, I have been praying for you. I will not add your husband.”
    I laughed and laughed, because obviously she Really Meant to say, “I will now add your husband.” Just a little giggle. Good Luck!

  42. Kathy Henderson

    Hi Jo, I’ve been visiting your blog for several years now but don’t comment often. I visit every day and feel like I am part of the Kramer family! My heart goes out to you and yours. Just know that you are all in my heart and lots of love energy is coming your way. Hang in there. We’ll all get through this together. Much love. Kathy in California.

  43. Carolyn W.

    Yes, the sweet Kramer Family will be in my prayers. You and your family touch so very many people. We laugh with you, cry with you and most of all pray for you. In many ways your entire family seems to be so much a part of our family. You’re a strong, close knit family and I know this is an unexpected bump in the road of life. Hugs ‘n Prayers to one and all.

  44. Linda

    I’m so glad you kept pressing him to have his lungs checked. Catching it soon is so important! There are so many new advances in lung cancer treatment. Good thoughts to your family from Oregon.

  45. Linda in NE

    It sounds like your hubby’s lung cancer was caught early, that’s good. I think I’ve heard that it’s one of the more curable types, especially when caught early. My BIL had a spot on one lung that the doctors watched for a while & when it appeared to be growing they did surgery and he had chemo for about three treatments. It all reacted so badly on him that he called it quits. It must have been enough though because he’s been fine ever since and it’s been several years now. I’m just going to keep thinking positive for your hubby.

  46. Linda White

    Holding you all close in my heart as you deal with this new and unexpected challenge. You are blessed with a strong family bond and will be there for one another. Hugs and love, Linda

  47. Joyce

    Prayers for everyone… glad you have a great supportive family and friends!! Mayo Clinic did an outstanding job with a friend of mine. A whole team of Drs got him cured with pancreatic cancer. Kick Cancers ass!!


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