Plaza Antique Mall–Dyersville

A post from Kelli–

When Jason and I were on our little get-away, we stopped at the Plaza Antique Mall in Dyersville. I had never been there and was eager to check it out.

It is one of the nicest “antique mall” type antique stores.  Everything is very clean and tidy–and it had lots of goodies!

Blue and White Quilt (225x400)
Here is a blue and white star quilt that I found.  I love how it looks like it was assembled in 8 sections and then put together.  Definitely something that I’ll be looking into playing around with in the near future.

Pink and White Quilt (225x400)Here is another unique quilt that I found.  I have always wanted to make a two color quilt and this one just might be it!

One thing that was kind of neat about this antique store was that they have a few restored classic cars in the antique mall.

Cars (400x220)
The second floor of the store has tons and tons and tons of toy tractors.  Jason was in heaven.  He found one booth and was pointing out all of the ones that he had and ones that he wanted.

Tractors (225x400)
When looking around, I also found this beauty–An antique industrial Singer sewing machine!  I’ve never seen one of these before, but I really liked it.

Industrial Singer (225x400)


My favorite however, was this beautiful island.  Ever since we moved, I have told Jason that I want an island for the kitchen.  I absolutely love the one that mom has at her new house and finally think that I have enough room in my kitchen to fit one in.

Dream Island (400x295)


The only problem?  $1800.00.  I also think that it would end up being a bit large for my kitchen, but man o man was it glorious.

I had lots of fun getting away.  I hope we can do it again sometime soon.





5 thoughts on “Plaza Antique Mall–Dyersville”

  1. The sewing machine you liked is a leather machine. It was made with the open arm to stitch shoes. Also for bridles and saddle work. I used one that had been electrified when I worked for a shoe repair shop. Handy for replacing zippers in boots and golf bags. Chris

  2. Oh wow, we were in Dyersville on Monday, if we had only known. We did get to the quilt shop, but didn’t know about this mall. Maybe we’ll get there again sometime.

  3. Both of the quilts are different and interesting. I especially like the star quilt, with its alternating “smooth” and “shaggy” points. I wonder whether the shaggy ones were placed the wrong way around?

  4. The island is indeed a beauty!! Oh think of the storage space in those drawers! It’s so hard to be patient and wait for things, but they do eventually work out. If you and your mom come to Kansas City for business, see if you can find your way to The Brass Armadillo antique mall. Worth the ride east on I-70 a few miles.

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