Playing With Wool

I told you all that I dove into wool applique again. I’m just tickled to be adding something I love back into my crafting rotation. I’ve done wool in the past but for some reason, it just never stuck as something I do regularly like cross stitch and quilting. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why. I love the look. I love doing it.

Then the other day I decided that I was going to prep something and that old dread came over me. I was going to have to pull out the totes. The wool totes were stored behind the longarm and under some other stuff. What a pain to drag that all out. Ugh. Nope. I didn’t have the energy to do all that so I didn’t end up starting the project I was hoping to start.

Wait a minute! The light bulb moment hit.

The reason I wasn’t doing wool as often as I wished is because, wait for it, IT ISN’T EASILY ACCESSIBLE!! Yes. I didn’t want to pull and dig and look to see if I had what I needed. It was too much work. I’m lazy and want things quick and easy. So…the next trouble, how was I going to make it accessible so I could quickly grab and find what I was looking for?

My wool was in two totes. One had all the little scraps. One had the big pieces. You can see it would be no fun trying to work through this mess so I started by organizing by color. Everything went into color piles.

I planned on buying some totes once I figured out where to store the totes but then a snowstorm hit here and I had piles of wool all over my kitchen…and I didn’t didn’t know what kind of totes to buy because I didn’t know where I was going to store things.

Then an idea came to me…I want this easy to use. I had been running upstairs to get the wool and then running downstairs to work with it. Hmm. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have all wool things on the main floor of the house? YES. I preferred to work in the kitchen on the kitchen island when I was working with wool so the wool should be somewhere near or in the kitchen. In the kitchen wouldn’t work. Near would though.

I have a little laundry room just off the kitchen. On one side is the washer and dryer. On the other side is this cabinet set that my husband put together for me. I love it.

I decided to clean out some of the stuff that was in the lower cabinets and make room for wool. I was so excited.

Now I needed to decide what type of totes would fit here. Hmm. I couldn’t go to town mid-snowstorm. I needed the wool that was now all over my kitchen table to be put away. How about I go to the sewing room, grab a couple of totes that I have, and measure for size?

I did that…Easy peasy. Normal totes that I had upstairs would work. But…I didn’t have any spare ones. So I decided I could live with the mess of a few things dumped out upstairs easier than I could deal with wool all over my kitchen so I emptied a few and put all the wool in…

Oh, I love it. EASY-EASY access. I can’t believe that I didn’t figure this out years ago. I am sure the reason I didn’t work on wool was that I couldn’t find anything. I am going to clean out the tote on the bottom left. I am going to put any kit or wool applique book in that tote. Then I truly will have everything on the main floor right here.

As I was doing all of this the mail lady came. There was a box. It said cross stitch and wool across the front right above my address. Oh my!! Maybe I better open that and see what’s inside before I call my wool organizing finished.

I opened the box and it was like Christmas!! It was wool…it was cross stitch and I was HAPPY!! There were charts that I had on my wish list to get someday including the Blackbird Design stockings. I had never seen the pattern on the left but I love that designer and love the design.

This chart has been on my wish list too…

About then in the middle of my wool and opening the box, the son-in-law Craig came. My snowblower wasn’t working and he planned to take a look at it. He was here for about 45 minutes. I got sidetracked in the garage doing things while he was fixing. I didn’t think it was polite to be in the house while he was working on my snowblower…but man, I was itching to get back into the house and finish going through the box.

He needed more tools and planned to come the next day and try again.

I came back and I could finish my wool organization but first I was going to finish looking through the mail goodies. There were other cross stitch patterns and this…a wool kit to make this quilt. The flowers are wool applique. I was so excited to see this.

I got the other wool stuff organized. I was going to find a 2-gallon zip lock back and put this in the box of kits and wool applique books. That’s when I realized the box was gone. The box that all the goodies came in was gone. Oh no. I couldn’t write a thank you note. I didn’t have an address. I did remember the box had a lot of stamps on it. I had an idea of the state it came from…but there was no note so I didn’t even have a name!! UGH.

When I was out in the garage with Craig I had been sorting and organizing things to take to the thrift store and as I emptied boxes, I broke them down and put them in a tote to take to the recycling bin. I went through the boxes…no box with lots of stamps. Ugh. Where could it be? How was I going to get the address to write a thank you note?

I decided that it just wasn’t here so would write a thank you note here on the blog.

I sat down at the computer to start writing this blog post. Mid writing I realized I didn’t have a picture of the wool kit that was sent. I walked out to the kitchen to take the picture and what did I see??

This box…the box with all the stamps on it!! I can write a thank you note. Whew.

I was so excited about the projects and new wool organization that I guess I couldn’t think straight. Oh my.

So that was a day in the life…Organizing, amazing mail, a great son-in-law, a missing box and this blog post. oops. I forgot to tell you about the cat. I guess that will have to be a story for another day because a cat plays into this day too!! Oh my. Never a dull moment.

11 thoughts on “Playing With Wool”

  1. You know, you’re right. I have some projects that I would like to work on an don’t. It’s because I can’t get to them and just don’t want to move all the stuff that’s in front of them. I wonder how many of us have the same problem. LOL! Sounds like I need to get them out and relocate them too. Thanks for making me realize why I wasn’t working on them.

  2. What a great time you had on a snowy day! Hope you aren’t housebound for too long or you might run out of wool!! Then a squirrel may cross your path, always something else waiting for you.
    So glad all lost items found, have fun. Can’t wait for the cat tale.
    Cheers, Dot, NZ.

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Oh, we call things like the box “lost in the house.” Things we KNOW are around here somewhere, and are just driving us mad trying to find them. They eventually show up.

  4. I had to chuckle about robbing the totes of one thing, for the other! I’m so glad they worked out for you. What a great day you had and can hardly wait to hear about the cat!

  5. Thank you for honestly presenting your life so I know I am not alone. Went to work on applique today and I gave up looking because I think it got stashed in attic prior to Thanksgiving guests arriving. I just don’t do sometimes because I just can’t find or don’t want to take the time to dig it out. Glad your wool is accessible now. It’s going to be fun seeing what you create.

  6. It’s so funny that Izzy is always right there when you take pictures. She is so funny! Can’t wait to see the new fosters!

  7. Nice goodies! Just the type of things that you enjoy. My daughter just started the “Welcome” winter (Autumn shown in the last photo) . She’s going to do one letter each month and finished the “W” last week. She’s planning on a FFO by Thanksgiving at the latest.

  8. I TOTALLY agree with having your projects where you can get at them easily! Mine are in the dining room or the garage just off the dining room, next to the kitchen. Very smart to organize it right now! (P.S. We got 5 inches of pure powder snow here in Maryland, yesterday to this morning.)
    You said, “A wool kit to make this quilt”? I know that if I wash one of my wool blankets I have to use cool water and NOT put it through the dryer or it will shrink. So it has to be draped over chairs and table for a few hours to dry. I’m assuming your wool quilt kit has directions on how to wash and hang out the quilt when finished, so pieces don’t shrink, I hope.

    1. JO, I am a rug hooker, have a massive amount of wool, sorted/stored, in labeled totes. I can text you several wool , hand died and as manufactured colours. They all do phone , send small samples, on line (I can’t do that), small cuts, etc. I’ve bought from them for yrs. Their wool is the best quality, period. I did a 7 x 9 ft., self designed rug, using wool from these dealers. Enjoy returning to your wool projects. That wall piece is over the top.

  9. I can set something down, turn around, come back to it, and it has vanished! So many stitchers say they hate to pull together a project, and will do multiples at a time. Glad you got your wool stash organized. Can’t wait to hear about the cat.

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