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I’ve been playing a lot with Electric Quilt, or more commonly known as EQ.  I have EQ8 which is the latest edition.

For a long time, I simply designed on my computer using the WORD program.  In fact, I did a couple of tutorial type posts and published them as

I’ll be honest.  I’ve bought the EQ program several times and never learned to use it.  I was busy and didn’t have time.  Whenever learning a new program it takes time and practice and I didn’t take the time and was impatient.  I certainly didn’t practice.

A couple of months ago I decided to bite the bullet and do it again.  Some of the reasons I did…I wanted my designs to look more professional when working with the magazine companies, I have more time, it seemed like it would be faster and I’d have more potential…plus, I was contacted by a fabric company and was asked to submit some designs to them.

So…slowly I’ve been learning.  I told you all that Kayla was here and got me started.  From there, I’ve made it a personal goal to keep working with the program and trying to get more efficient with it.  I can honestly say that after about two months, I can design a quilt and not feel like a  big clutz while doing it.

I know after I told you all about buying EQ8, several of you said that you had the same trouble I did when trying to learn-feeling overwhelmed-so I thought I would take a little video of me designing a very simple quilt using EQ8.  I’m going to do pretty much what Kayla did when she helped me.

So….This is the quilt I bought.  The quilt was cheap as the block is actually a cheater block (just printed fabric), but I did like the simple design.  It was also cheap because the quilt is in terrible shape.

Here is the quilt….

and another picture, close-up, of the block.

….and here is the video of me showing how I use the program.  I used a magnifier when I edited the video so you could see my computer mouse as I used it.  I thought that might be helpful for you.  That “circle” around the mouse arrow won’t be there if you work with the program.

What do you think?  Is quilt designing with EQ something you’d like to do?  If you already have the program and aren’t using it, might you give it a try after seeing it used in action?  I know for me, after seeing Kayla create something, I was so encouraged to give it a REAL try.  I hope if you have the program you will too.

As I said, I’ve been busy designing more quilts for possible submission for the fabric company that contacted me.

Here are the images for the fabric line that I’m supposed to design something with…

That’s the whole line.  I am allowed to add some fabrics from their “basics” fabric line but not any fabrics from a different fabric line.

This is the first design I came up with.  I used the polka print, two prints from the line, and a red from their basics line.


This is the next quilt.  I added a different block, added the dark color from the basics line, and made the quilt look bolder.

Here I used two fabrics from the fabric line and two from the basics.  This started to appeal to me.

Here I worked to design a block that would add another point around the center.  I left the lines in this image so you could see the blocks.

This is where I stopped playing.  Is it finished?  I’m not sure.  I ended up making the blocks on the points of the diamonds a darker color.  In the end I do like this…Will I ever make it?  Who knows!!??
I ended up submitting this design.  I have no idea if they will take it.  I have to say I’m almost hoping they don’t as writing the pattern might be a little daunting.  Karl loved the first one so I submitted that design too.

It’s been a lot of fun and really doesn’t take me long.  I feel a little like I am coloring in an adult coloring book when I’m designing.  So fun and actually really relaxing.

So what do you think of the designs??  Which one do you like best?  I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know.  I’d also love to hear a comment if you’d like to come along with another time when I’m playing with EQ8.  Reader feedback will determine if I do another video…so comment away, please.

27 thoughts on “Playing with EQ”

  1. I like the last quilt best. I’ve been using EQ since the first version. I did my guild’s Block of the Month for about 15 years and used the program for that. Right now I’m trying to catch up with all the quilts I’ve designed so far and haven’t used the program as much recently.

  2. I was gifted an unused EQ5 software package from another quilter that never used it. Like you, I never took the time to install it or figure it out. Now, I’m not sure if this older version will work with the current computer or not. I may check it out as cold weather arrives and there is less desire to get outside as much. I might rather sew than try to figure it out. I like your designs 2, 3, and 4.

  3. Beryl in Owatonna

    I have EQ8 but haven’t used it…it was too frustrating. I will be watching your video for sure!! Will it be available after this…you do keep your posts don’t you? I am pretty new to reading you blog…I am enjoying it. I will watch for it along the side.
    Thanks fr all of your posts, so interesting!

  4. I really liked all your designs but that last one is a winner to me. I will never get this program but I do enjoy looking at your patterns. Keep going on this pattern design business, you have the talent and also know how to piece a quilt. Last year I made a quilt from a kit and was very disappointed at how the pattern had me cut it out. Luckily I read it beforehand and enlarged the cuts. And my seams were all scant 1/4”.

  5. I have been taking EQ8 lesson from Kari Schell – On Point Quilter. If you follow her blog she usually has a short how to video weekly. She is a good resource.

  6. Enjoyed your EQ video. It’s been a while since I have worked in EQ but you explained the functions so well. I’m getting the itch again to give EQ another try. Hope you decide to continue to make EQ videos.

  7. Kristy Wilkinson

    I loved the video! You made it very clear to someone who has never used the program. I might think about getting it sometime. You are a great teacher, but that isn’t surprising! :-) You really do so many things well Jo. We are very lucky to be a part of your life. Thanks for all your time and effort. It is greatly appreciated. I love the music on your videos! K-

  8. The EQ was something I always have wanted to try. But never have for two reasons. I’m not very good with computers- and the price of it was out of my range.(At the time I looked into the program it was -about $100.00). I’m sure it must be fun and a big help in designing. Your 1st pattern reminds me of the civil war patterns and the last one is very nice – modern but still conventional. It will be interesting to see what else you create.

  9. I really like #5. I’ve only ever done basic square patch quilts, but the more I see of yours, the more I’m tempted to try something different! Hope the fabric company loves it as much as we do!

  10. I like the second quilt design the best. Over 20 years ago I excitedly purchased EQ quilt at a huge quilt show. I tried for an hour every afternoon to learn it in between being full-timed self-employed and raising 2 kids. Maybe I needed to spend more time each day because I never could get it. And when I finally made a very simple quilt pattern I tried to get it to tell me how much fabric I needed and the amounts listed were obviously an outrageous amount beyond what was needed. It was just too many choices, too many “buttons” that did a variety of things when pushed in addition to other buttons. I can’t imagine at my age trying again to learn this software….unless I lived somewhere that offered classes!

  11. Janelle Merillat

    I’ve been on the fence with EQ for years! Now I’m sold! Thank You So Much, for the video! I look forward to your blogs, they are the highlight of my day!

  12. I really like 1 and 4. How fun to do that – never designed a quilt, and I think if I were going to, I’d want that program.

  13. I’ll never use EQ8, but I like seeing the evolution of your quilts. I hope you will continue to post these.

  14. I liked Number 2 and Number 5. I thought Number 1 was too busy, and nothing really stood out.
    I can see where this program could give you infinite ways to arrange blocks. Keep up the good work!

  15. I really like #2 and #5. Great work!! Either of these designs can compliment a variety of different fabrics and patterns. I think playing around with a program like EQ8 would be fun and somewhat daunting. Maybe I will try it someday.

  16. I like the quilt design you submitted, but I also was drawn to #2. I’m going to watch your video now. I had an earlier version of EQ more than 10 years ago, but like you and others, I never really got the hang of it. Even though I bought an extra book to help guide me through it, it seemed like I was wasting time that I could be making things. The learning curve just seemed too steep and not very intuitive. Maybe it’s much improved since then!

  17. Christine Burch

    Love the video. It’s so helpful. I really love how practical and real you are. I would love to see more videos on EQ 8. I don’t have it yet but lately I have been finding myself looking at patterns and then revamping them to work with fabric I have (I have gone a little overboard on fabric spending of late so I am placing myself in a fabric freeze until after the holidays). I can see EQ 8 would make that a lot easier.I think a video on importing fabrics would be great and also does EQ8 tell you how much of what fabric you need once you have completed the quilt, although I suppose that would also depend on your cutting instructions. Can you actually write the instructions in EQ8?

  18. I admit I’m not seeing much difference between 3 and 4, but I like that one. EQ can be so handy! I bought it for a friend years ago, but I’ve never used it myself. You do good work!

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