Playing Farm Girl

Over the last two weeks we have been having semis in and out of the yard picking up and dropping off cattle.  Cattle movement goes in spurts like that.  One month it will be crazy busy moving cattle and the next no semis at all.  The latest trucks were bringing in 500 pound calves.

Hubby’s boss was gone and the calves needed checking so Hubby recruited me.  We found three that needed to be treated.  After a little rounding up and some medicine administered, they should be in good shape in a day or two.

While I was out I took time to check out the calves from the summer.  Here’s how big they were on June 14th from this blog post.

Now they have grown LOTS.  Here they are eating lunch.

I looked and looked to find my favorite steer.

He’s the one looking at the camera in the back.  These guys look grubby now.  They are all putting on their winter coat of fur and they always look a little rough then. It’s hard to believe that they can grow so fast!

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