Playing Catch Up

Wow…am I ever on a different clock.  I sat down to the computer and looked and I didn’t have a blog post up.  Then I thought that’s okay.  I often take Sunday nights off from blogging but then it dawned on me.  It’s not Sunday.  It’s Monday.

I took today off as a vacation day from childcare.  So today I actually started working on Kalissa’s wedding quilt.  Kelli was here and we had a plan of attack.  She would start cutting…I would start sewing.  Hubby had a meeting tonight so that gave me a free pass to the quilting room too so we cut and sewed and cut and sewed making some progress.  She is almost done cutting but I am far from done sewing.

Plans are for her to be back on Saturday to finish up the cutting…hopefully I’ll have made lots more progress by then but before I get back to the quilting room I have to tackle my dining room table….

It’s filled with goodies that retreaters brought for me.  I can’t tell you how blessed I feel…goodies for me and even goodies for my childcare kiddos.  Thank you-thank you!!  I had some chocolate from Mary today…AMAZING!!  Hubby had some chocolate from Dorrine..wonderful too.

This week it’s my goal to find a place to put all the little keepsakes.  I said something to Hubby hinting that maybe he could finish up on the cabinet that is going in the sewing room and his reply was-“What do you think I did the time you were gone?”  He’s watching out for me too I guess.

In our sorting and clean up we found this ruler that was left at Deb’s in West Union.  Is this anyone’s??

We also heard that Nell (West Union group) is missing her square ruler.  It’s a square “cut for a cure” ruler.  I am wondering if someone grabbed the wrong one by accident.  If you could just drop me a note I’ll do my best to help get these returned to the right owners.  Here’s my email….

That wraps up today.  I am off to bed….I’ll catch you in the morning.    If you’re looking for more info the retreat check out Bonnie’s blog and Doris’ blog.

2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up”

  1. Thanks for looking out for me, I am missing the 7 inch square cut for the cure ruler with green lines on it. Thank you also for the trip down memory lane, I haven’t had waffle cookies in forever. I remember having them as a kid. Two ziplock bags of triangles sorted this morning, I am not starting yet, but I will be ready for Pineapple Crazy! :)

  2. Jo, I just wanted you and Kelli how much I enjoyed the retreat in West Union. Our Nebraska contingent talked about which patterns we liked the most and which ones we would try to finish first. I can’t decide between the Thanks to You stars or the May Flowers as I love them both. They are so much fun! Thanks again, for a great retreat in a great venue and I am looking forward to seeing you at a retreat again in the future!

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