Planting Season….

This was the scene out my window last weekend.  The guys were scrambling to fill the planter with corn and finish up the last bit of spring planting.  Typically they have a seed tender that fills the boxes with seed but they were down to the last bit and only seed corn bags would do.

They have been so busy this week.  Hubby has been going out and feeding cattle 5 am and coming into the house just after 10 pm each night all week trying and trying to finish up.  This afternoon they finished in time for us to go to a couple graduation parties.  We felt bad as we didn’t stay long.  He was just so exhausted, and to be honest, I wanted him to myself.

The work isn’t over, but at least now, the crop is in.

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  1. Awesome picture!! We just got all of our crops out too, about a week ago. Corn was done a couple of weeks ago and it just took a few days to get the soybeans in. We have cattle too so I had that tired hubby thing going as well. Those silos look familiar-we have a harvestore in our barnyard too.

  2. It is so interesting seeing photos of other people’s homes and land. Your farm buildings appears huge compared to UK farms. I hope hubby gets some fun time soon.

  3. I’m sure your hubby is exhausted. Here on our little farm we cut hay several times a year and it is always so tiring. We will get our first cutting in a few weeks. We are hoping for 3-4 cuttings this year. I do love farm life but it is sooooo tiring at times.

  4. Great shot! The hours are long, the work is hard, the life is good. We just finished a week of branding. Long hours like y’all. Still have another week to go. Thise 3:30 am wake up calls to start breakfast are tough. Praying that y’all have a really good year.

  5. ‘Tis a beautiful sight! Our corn was finished up Friday – soys yet to go in. We’re some of the later planters in our area – my hubby is a seed dealer too so lives a life of interruption – plant a little, deliver seed, plant a little more. Loooooonnnnggg days. Rewarding work – definitely is a lifestyle demanding a full commitment.

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