Planting Season Meals

Hubby has been in the field a few days in between the rains which lead me to packing his lunch.  He sprung in on me and I happen to not have any bread in the house so I made do with what I had.  He got these sandwiches…or rather roll ups.

It’s a taco shell, summer sausage, chipotele sauce, cheese and pickled hot peppers.  I rolled them up and put a rubber band around them.


Funny thing is..he came in that night a raved about the awesome roll ups I made.  I laughed and them made them again the next day.

For my meals, they look more like this when he’s gone.  Home made chow mien.   Hubby hates it so I always make a huge batch.  I eat for two meals a day until it’s gone…I love it.


I gotta say…pattern writing and a calculator sure aren’t the best company.  Thankfully Kalissa and Craig stop by occasionally and check on me….it keeps me sane.

Boy I hate being a farm widow worse every year.

4 thoughts on “Planting Season Meals”

  1. You could be going through the empty nest Syndrome. I found once my Girls had all left home I had a hard time with hubby away all day here on the farm. The house is way to quite.

  2. I so totally understand the farm widow thing! “Harvest” hours start in April and go through September with hubs running the family farm implement business and having to do the irrigation on the alfalfa…one is 6 days a week, the other is 7, so at least I see him on Sundays! Leaves me lots of time for quilting!!!

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