Plans for Karl

I’ve gotten a few question from blog readers about Karl.

-is he staying in iowa
-did he find a job
-where is he living

Here’s the scoop.  Karl has decided to stay in Iowa.  (YES, I was cheering over that decision).  It’s so hard as a mom.  You want your kids to do what they want but you want them to prioritize family and being close.  You want them to be happy doing whatever they do but you wish it was at least in the same state you live in.  You want them to be happy…but you’re happy where you are wish they could be happy there too….but mostly…you know have to put your wants aside and simply support them in whatever they choose.  (It doesn’t mean you don’t have your fingers crossed behind your back though.)

Anyway…my fingers were crossed and he did pick IOWA.

Kramer’s passing was hard for him being so far away…plus those little nieces and nephews of his are Kayla’s new one is coming…plus, he still has a lot of good friends in the area.  (Well within 3 hours driving distance-he figures that to be close).

So next up…JOB.  That was a harder decision.  He didn’t know for sure what he was interested in.  His year teaching in Houston was tough.  The school system there is not what he was familiar with growing up here in Iowa.  He was in a tough part of town and didn’t feel super supported by administration.  He wasn’t completely soured to teaching…but not admittedly nervous.  Would other schools be that way?  He hated the paperwork side of things too.  Well…so does he look for a teaching job.  Hmm.

He ended up finding a job that was open in the teaching profession.  He also heard from a large local pig producer that was looking for a translator.  He also had a desire to work at the local brewery Toppling Goliath….

This is how it went:
He applied for a 3rd grade teaching job west of here about 80 minutes away.  While he was in that interview, an entirely different school called him.  They saw his information on the Teach Iowa website.  Even though Karl never applied there, they asked him if he’d interview for a 2nd grade position.  He said yes.  That town is 2 1/2 hours from here.

A couple days later he was on his way to the interview with the new school when the brewery called him and asked him to come for an interview.  The school interview went great.  He set up the interview with the brewery and before that could happen, he got an interview at the pig producers.  The interview at the pig producers went well.

The next day the school that was hiring for 2nd grade called and said they were excited about Karl but was checking references.

It was the weekend.

The following Tuesday he interviewed with the brewery.  That went well.

The next day the pig producers called and gave him a job offer….AH…what to do.  The brewery job sounded promising…the teaching job sounded promising.

Karl asked that the pig producer give him a couple days…He was on the road at the time headed to Texas to clean our his apartment.  He said he’d call them in a couple days to give them his answer.

The brewery called back for a second interview.

Karl thought about it and took the job with the pig producer.  The place is actually HUGE…one of if not the biggest pork producers in Iowa.  They have MANY employees-Somewhere around 300.  Karl will be working with the hispanic population that works there.  He’ll be doing some translating…some bookwork type things-working with VISAs too.  If he likes it..he’ll stay and give up teaching.  If he doesn’t, he’ll get his reading endorsement and look for a school closer in the area.

I’m not chiseling anything into stone, but I think he’s wanting to stay in the area…I want him to be happy and go where ever he needs to go to do that..but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was thrilled.

Now where’s he living:
Here, at my house, with me.  We worked out an agreement and are happy.  We’re a lot more like housemates and a lot less like mom and son.  I don’t mind…he doesn’t mind.  He can pay off his student loans.  I have someone to help with the stuff around here.  It’s a win-win for us both.

So…for now, I have my boy back.  I don’t know how long he’ll stay in Iowa or how long he’ll stay at my house, but for now, I think we’re both happy.

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  1. This seems like an excellent way to transition all aspects of life for both you/Jo and Karl. So many big events in your lives and several opportunities to choose from. And none of today’s opportunities need to be a permanent path.

    I’m also thinking about the lives Karl will touch as he translates. This seems like a good marriage of many facets of Karl. Win for everyone!

  2. OK, so I’m reading about the pig place and wondering what he is translating. Is Pig hard to understand? Do they have different dialects depending on where they were from? What about accents? Where did he go to learn Pig? Was it online? After learning Pig it’s amazing he found a job to finally use his training. Good luck with the new job. Oink.

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    Awesome! I know how it hurts when one child is far away. I’m really blessed tho, my son has a wonderful wife and 4 awesome children. My daughter-in-law is awesome and so it is always so fun to go visit. But it still hurts when they go home and we leave there. But, if they lived in Iowa, our daughter-in-law would be far from her family.
    I’m thankful you have him home! (Maybe you can find him a nice Iowa girl, heehee)

  4. Congrats to Karl, so many opportunities. I know what ever he chooses he will be a great asset to his employer. I never worried if my adult children moved back home with us, it was after all home and the welcome mat is out. Our daughter speaks English, Spanish (college) and Arabic (Marine Corp) and it always amazes me how often she has been able to assist someone, places like airports, grocery stores and even her job. Good luck Karl, you will be awesome!

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    I am sure Karl will do well in whatever he does. So good to get that loan paid back! Maybe online reading endorsement could be helpful in whatever he does. Wishing you both the best. It is a plus that your kids are close but also that they are making their own decisions.

  6. Linda in Texas

    I had a HUGE grin on my face the whole time I was reading the Karl Saga! It’s so nice to be wanted everywhere you go. Congratulations to the two of you – great decisions made and it’s nice to have a house mate!

  7. that is great! My son is living here still. He is in the Air National Guard so deployment is whenever. He is also going to school. Doesn’t bother me in the least to still have him here. He’ll go when he is ready.
    Now the big question is, what is he eating in that picture? It looks awesome! pam

  8. Stearns Carol

    What an opportunity for him. Sounds like he’ll be his own job creator in the pig producer job! And if he is fluent in Spanish, even better. I’m glad for you and him. Always thought he would come home. Next up a girl friend. Of course when winter arrives, it might be a different story.
    My son has been teaching in the worst school in town. He’s not real happy and not real support. I understand.

  9. Stephani in N. TX

    A couple of years ago I was on an Alaskan quilt cruise with family, Bonnie Hunter was the teacher. My family sat at a dinner table nightly with a national quilt teacher, not teaching, just enjoying the cruise. Her dad told how the day before the cruise, they took delivery of 4000 piglets to raise and ready for market. This city girl was blown away. 4000 piglets. A farmer in your area taking a family cruise to Alaska. It’s good to change scenery and get to visit with others. Good luck and God bless on Karl’s time with you. He has more talent than he knows that will take him to interesting work. My son announced after college that DFW wasn’t big enough to live in, he wanted to think about Paris or Rio. Well, he has settled here in DFW nicely. I moved here when I was widowed to be near grands. But, they have a 2nd home now in Costa Rica that they can retreat to. Not Paris, but closer.

  10. I forgot to add a word of encouragement to Karl. My parents were both teachers for 30+ years. They both have said many times that the first year of teaching is the hardest, without much experience, prior lesson plans and other resources to help lift the load. So, if he feels he wants to try it again in the future, he should be encouraged that the next year should be a bit easier. Wishing him much success and happiness in his current choice.

  11. That’s so great to hear!!! I don’t know where you are, but I’m in Iowa too!!! Cedar Rapids area in fact. Great place to live!!!!

  12. I’m so happy Karl had so many job opportunities! It is hard to let go of our adult kids. I have one who lives in my town but the other one lives in California and that’s halfway across the country from me. Three of my grandkids are out there and I get to see them just once a year if I’m lucky.

  13. That’s amazing….all of it. Job offers, living arrangements. I know just what you mean about wanting them to be happy and yet wanting them to be closer. Both of mine are in Iowa, but several hours away, so they can’t be of much assistance for us. At the same time, they are living their lives and are happy so I’m happy with that.

    So glad Karl will be staying with you. It’s different when they are adults. You can each do your own thing or you can do it together and it just works out. You’ll get to see more movies :-)

  14. Sounds like things are working out well for Karl….and you. He is a lucky young man to have so many options to choose from. That says something for the way he interacts with people and makes a good first impression. If he decides to get his reading endorsement maybe he could do it through online classes while keeping his full-time job. One of my granddaughters has been doing that…online classes with occasional appearances at school and an almost full-time job at Menards. She likes it there & they seem to like her so who knows, maybe she’ll make a career there. Her mom tells me that they give her a lot of really early morning hours because she works so well with the contractors and that’s when they come in. I think that means she doesn’t take any guff and doesn’t take their joking personal. :)

  15. Yay Karl! Wow he’s one versatile guy. Great to have those choices.
    My daughter teaches. The first 4 years were 6-12 in a small school then she moved to an inner middle school with not only little support but much criticism. Two years there and now she’s doing k-8! Changes.
    Good to have some breathing space to pay off loans and make choices. Forward!

  16. Glad you did an update on Karl and he found a job!!! I knew he would since the economy is doing so well! Congratulations Karl!

  17. What great news! Kids moving back in with their parents is not at all uncommon today and as you say it is a win-win.

  18. Judith Fairchild

    Is that a pineapple, bacon and what else in that (salad?) ? It looks yummy. Glad Carl is settling there with you till he gets his head straight on what he wants/ needs to do. Glad for both of you.

  19. Oh, I could talk to Karl for days on the wonderful decision he made on his new job!! I’ve written twice about staying home/close to home so you know how I feel about that!! It’s vital! Yay!!
    Getting the school loan paid off will be a huge investment in Karl’s future. He’ll have financial investing big time since he’s most likely making more money now!!
    I’m just thrilled for every one in the family, Jo!!

    What meal was in front of Karl in the picture? It looks delicious! Thank you!

    Gloria G.

  20. Lol, my son & I are currently living together too. (And his little boy, my only grand, half-time). It’s a good arrangement for both of us right now, as my life’s gone through a lot of changes lately, & rent’s expensive here! I’m happy for you!

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