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I’ve been known for my pizza.  Seriously, we rarely ever go out for pizza.  If we do it’s either:
-at the theater and we’re really more there to see the movie
-we get Casey’s (gas station) pizza for convenience

I learned early on to make pizza.  I think it was actually one of the first foods that we quit going out of eat to have as we felt I made it as good as the restaurants.  The funny thing is, it’s even better now than it was back then…and we all thought it was good then.

Kramer LOVED deep dish pizza…the deeper the better.  Me, I’ve grown to liking a medium crust that is still soft so, the last time I made pizza, I made a medium crust….Then I tried to mimic the pizza we last had at the theater….a “Big Kahuna”.

I made my crust then added pizza sauce…not a lot.  We don’t like really saucy pizza.  Then I added a complete layer of shaved ham.  Then bacon pieces…then pineapple.

The cheese for the top was this….

After that I put a really thin layer of shredded mozzarella.

After that one was done…I made a cheeseburger pizza.  This one was BBQ sauce on the bottom, then hamburger and bacon, then chopped pickles, then the same cheese and mozzarella.

So how did we like them????WONDERFUL.  Kalissa now is swooning over the “Big Kahuna” pineapple pizza.  The one in the picture is the cheeseburger pizza though.
I was sitting closer to the “Big Kahuna” pineapple pizza but oh my.  The cheeseburger pizza was my favorite.

Karl with the peace sign is actually voting for both.  He liked them both a lot.

In fact, we liked the pizza so much that I made them again the next day for lunch.  The childcare kiddos loved them too.  The “Big Kahuna” was their favorite.

On of my all time favorite thing to do is to try to replicate food we eat in restaurants.  It’s fun but it does spoil going out to eat.  So often I end up figuring something out and making it comparable to what was at the restaurant….then it’s no long such a treat to go out and order it.

A few tips I can give on the pizza front:
-Use cooking spray to grease the pan.  Spray it right on the pizza dough too.  I helps “move” and spread the dough out.
-Set the oven temperature to 425 degrees.  It sounds high but it’s perfect.
-Keep trying and trying.  Practicing is worth the end result.

Anyone have any other pizza flavors that are traditional?  I’d love to try some different combos.

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  1. Ranch dressing for the sauce, shredded chicken, bacon , green onions , smoked Gouda mixed with Monterrey Jack cheese.

  2. Rebecca Smith

    Our local pizza shop has a great taco pizza. I also like pizza with all the fixings of an Italian Hoagie heated on top and white pizza. I may need to experiment with recreating them!

  3. Dorris Carnahan

    I can’t imagine why people are the way they are today. I was always told over and over ” If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything. That kind of judgemental is why I have nothing to do with Facebook,don’t need it. You and your family are fine people. It’s their loss for not knowing you.

  4. Do you use a pizza stone or what sort of pan do you like? I have had trouble getting the rust to bake I the center.

  5. If you like hamburger pizza you might try a taco pizza. Salsa, hamburger (best) or chicken, onion, spices if you want, cheese with at least some of it cheddar. After it’s baked top with fresh tomato and shredded lettuce. The hot and cold ingredients together were way more yummy than I expected.

  6. Canadian bacon, pineapple and banana peppers! Someone recommended the combo to us and I was a bit skeptical but it was wonderful!!

  7. I agree with Roxanne… taco pizza is delicious! A little taco sauce and sour cream on top of what she mentioned is delicious!

  8. Jo, you and Karl need to go to Two Trees in Ossian. Try their bbq brisket pizza with bbq sauce. It’s the best and they serve it only on Thursday thru Saturday.

  9. We use a pizza stone at 425 F. We put parchment paper on a cookie sheet, then the crust, sauce and toppings. Then we just slide the parchment paper with the pizza onto the pizza stone. I make my crust in my bread machine and add all sorts of things to the crust.

  10. One of our favorites is Chicken Cordon Bleu pizza. Instead of sauce, you spread the dough with cream cheese mixed with Italian herbs (basil & garlic powder or your favorites.) Top with shredded, cooked chicken ( we prefer white meat) and shredded ham (I use deli ham) then top with mozzarella or Swiss cheese or a combo.

    Another favorite is BBQ Chicken pizza. Distribute shredded chicken, crumbled bacon, caramelized onions and shredded cheddar cheese on dough, then drizzle bottled bbq sauce all over. This one is especially good if made on flatbread.

  11. Jeanie Stufflebeam, sw Illinois

    I have to learn to make good crust. I have seen your recipe somewhere on the blog. We really like alfredo sauce with small pieces of chicken breast, red onions, fresh spinach, chopped jalapeno’s, feta, and mozz.

  12. Signe Burgen Vaughan

    Here are my two favorite pizza combinations: Sausage, onions, mushrooms and cashews. Put the cashews on the pizza about half way through the cooking time, otherwise they get too dark. BBQ chicken, raw broccoli cut finely, onion and cashews. Because the BBQ chicken has sauce on it, put very little sauce on the pizza crust and again, add the cashews about half way through the cooking time. Enjoy!

  13. A light smear of pesto sauce with chicken, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, sweet onion, and a light sprinkle of feta cheese

  14. All these sound good. I’ll have to try some. Thank you everyone for sharing.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  15. Judith Fairchild

    Thanks everyone pizza is my favorite go for dish. I’ll be making some of these recipes from now on. Thank you Jo for the reminder.

  16. Stearns Carol

    When I make homemade pizza using a hot roll mix, I always cook the dough 5 to 10 min before adding the toppings. Makes it a little chewier.

  17. All of these options sound good and I think I shall give a few a try. I usually make my crust in my bread machine and I need to try some of the other sauces your readers mentioned, salsa? bbq sauce? oh my.

  18. One of our favorites is easy to make vegetarian (we like it, Kayla might, too). Instead of sauce, we put a not too heavy layer of mozzarella down, then we put toppings of black olives, red onion, artichoke hearts, (sometimes spinach, mushrooms or cooked chicken depending on what’s in the fridge), a good dash of Italian herbs and then we sprinkle on a good layer or feta and bake. If the feta isn’t pasteurized, Kayla may want to not eat it while she’s pregnant.

    We also do a Southwest pizza. Sharp cheddar, roast chicken, red onion, a bit of corn kernels, cilantro if you like it, and diced jalapeno, then some drained salsa optional avocado or sour cream. We par bake the crust for this then put on everything listed before the salsa and bake until done. When it comes out, top with the drained salsa and avocado or drizzled sour cream if you like, although the salsa is really necessary the others are nice.


  20. My favorite pizza story is when the small city 10 miles away had the one and only take out pizza place. My dad, a trooper, stopped a guy for speeding in the village. The reason, he was trying to get the pizza home while it was still hot. He invited my dad for dinner. Sorry I can not remember the end. If there was a speeding ticket or not. We were happy for the pizza place in town. Happy Creating memories and pizzas.

  21. Pizza is Bill’s territory, not mine. (He worked in a pizza parlor for years and has definite ideas about the sauce and crust and everything else and I’m just not opening myself up for that kind of criticism!) My favorite was always the Friday Special — olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, and shrimp. And then I’d add pineapple.

  22. LaNan Eldridge

    We like hamburger and green olive combo. When my husband makes pizza from scratch he likes to add alittle bit of horseradish!

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