Pinwheel Quilt-a-Long

I have been working on the a lay out for my pinwheel quilt-a-long from P.S. I Quilt.  I am having trouble finding a layout that I am happy with.  I wasn’t excited about layout that Rachel suggested.  I needed a larger quilt so I made extra blocks and laid them in the suggested layout….It still wasn’t big enough for my liking.   I am making this for a wedding present and was hoping it would be big enough for two to snuggle under.
Here’s what I am contemplating….
The lighting on the photo isn’t the best, but it’s still a bit blah…My time is slowly ticking away so this might have to be the final layout…. UGH…I am so bad at making decisions.

3 thoughts on “Pinwheel Quilt-a-Long”

  1. I k now how hard it is to decide! I agonize over this all the time….I wonder what would happen if you used one of the darker colors (the green or burgundy) for the setting triangles. I think it might make the pieced blocks pop a little more. Just my thought from looking at the picture. :)

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