Click the link above to get to the free pattern. You will need an Adobe Reader which is a free program to access the pattern.

13 thoughts on “Pinky-Swear”

  1. Thanks for writing up the pattern for the quilt that uses the bonus triangle squares from Grand Illusion.

    I was reading through the instructions for Pinky Swear. On page 2, instruction number 4, it says to make 192 of the 4 patch units. I think you meant that to say 96. There are 192 of the half-square triangle units with 2 used in each unit so there are only enough to make 96 units. There are 24 pink stars using 4 units each which equals 96 units.

    I haven’t checked any other numbers. I was just checking to make sure I had enough of the half-square triangle units left over from Grand Illusion.

    Since I also have the same number of brown and neutral half-square triangle squares, I’m thinking a second quilt with the brown replacing the pink and blue in place of the brown. In other words, a boy version.

    Thanks again.

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  3. tammyfrommichigan2762

    Your Pinky Swear quilt is GORGEOUS!! I love it! I would like to make one, but it looks complicated and hard. This quilt and a pretty Pin Wheel quilt are on my list of quilts to try! But I need to learn the machine quilting part of it! Your quilting looks really nice, looks great on the Pinky Swear. Awesome Job :)

  4. I can’t seem to download the Pinkie Swear free quilt pattern. Can someone send me the link, please?

    Thanks so much!

  5. Just tried to download the pdf for this lovely quilt but it is just going in circles – no pdf comes up. When I press as instructed it just goes back to the original page. Thanks for any help.

  6. When I clicked on the “400 plus free quilting patterns” icon, and did a search there on every possible spelling of “pinky-swear”, it came up with “no results” every time.
    Can you help me find the d/l for this lovely pattern?

  7. Can this pattern be modified to make it bigger? I love the pattern and would like to make it for my grandkids they are older and bigger.

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