Pineapple Crazy Update

Earlier this week Hubby had an appointment in LaCrosse.  I asked Kelli to take care of the childcare kiddos and I rode along.

Typically when I go on a trip with Hubby I take something with to work on.  Often times it’s a pinning project.  I didn’t have a thing to take this time and then I remembered that I have the papers still on all of my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I grabbed them and ran out the door.

I ripped papers off all the to LaCrosse and back home again.  I got 27 done in an hour and 45 minutes.

I am really happy about that.

I have lots more to take the papers off of but this is a great start.  I’m not hoping that Hubby need an extra appointment but I do hope I can continue on these even if it’s in a small manner.  I did figure out a rhythm to taking the papers off though.  The first ones were painful and by the end I was  going pretty fast.

Once I am done with the wedding quilt and my nieces wedding quilt, I just might start putting a few of these together and make a few blocks.  I can’t wait!!  I’m not going to put a lot of them together so that I don’t end up with lots of the same fabrics in the same spots on the quilt.

I do know if my shoulder doesn’t improve I am likely going to be sitting and working on removing papers.  One way or the other I am going to keep plugging away on this project.

3 thoughts on “Pineapple Crazy Update”

  1. Jo, you wont notice any one fabric in that busy quilt. I have a somewhat limited number in Midnight Flight and when it is on the wall, I can only pick out one fabric that has distinctive pink ribbons on it. Otherwise, the design really takes over. The pineapple is so busy and with such small pieces that the eye cannot “discover” any similarities. Just use a selection of colors and go for it.

  2. It is my understanding that it takes months for a rotary cuff to heal and that is with the arm immobile. Which I found very hard…. just getting the day going involved many changes. But after six months it was healed. Hang in there.

  3. Hi Jo, I have a pineapple crazy project going too! When I am removing papers from a pp project I use a metal nail file, the ‘sandy’ type from the dollar store. They are pointy, but not too pointy, slim enough to fit between the fabric and paper and the sandy side kind of grips the paper while tearing out. It works really well for me! Shoulder injuries take a while to get better – follow instructions and do your physical therapy!

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