Pineapple Crazy: Revisited

If you’re a long time reader you know that I’ve been working on Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Pineapple Crazy.

Well during the retreat I had one of the retreaters ask if I could bring one of my papers so she could give it a try.  I went home that night, found some and told Kayla to give them to Loretta when she saw her the next day.  Kayla then asked me if I would send some extra copies of the paper with so she could try it too.  I never expected her to want to try so I immediately grabbed more and sent them along with my Featherweight with Kayla.

I really didn’t even expect her to have a finished block done but boy was I surprised when she produced SEVEN!  She did a wonderful job…the only problem was when she got the outside ring she put a light triangle where a dark one was supposed to go.  I offered to fix them for her and she said…No.  She didn’t want them.   She ended up not having bright scraps for the outer rings and thought she’d rather have bright ones…so these didn’t pass her muster.


For the most part, my quilt is mostly bright but if she was just going to get rid of them, I’d certainly take them and incorporate them into my quilt….I so often have projects that I’ve done with Kelli but rarely with Kayla so these I truly treasured.  I fixed the blocks and made sure to put a bright corner triangle on them.  I mixed the blocks with three of mine.  If you look close you can find my brighter ones.  Once mixed into the quilt I think they will all play nice.

I am super happy to have them…and just think…7 blocks.  She got me 7 blocks closer to the finish.  That might sound like much but honestly, each block takes about 45 minutes to do so she saved me over 5 hours of time…more than that, she put a piece of herself in my quilt and I love that!!

So added to my stack are these 10.  Seven from Kayla and 3 eeked out by me…little by little I’ll get there!

4 thoughts on “Pineapple Crazy: Revisited”

  1. That is nice touch to this quilt!!!

    You spoke of “papers” in the post. Where do the papers come from? Pineapple blocks tend to be bigger than 8 X 11 so not sure where to get them. Thanks.

  2. I worked like a fiend to get my pineapple crazy finished. Got it together and quilted and I always make the binding even before I quilt it so it will be ready. And then………I’ve had the thing folded and waiting for a couple of months and haven’t even LOOKED at it.Time to put that binding on but when? Maybe next week. You were right about how time consuming PC is…….VERY. But I love it.

  3. What a great memory to add to this quilt. And what a kind thing for her to do for you! Just two more reasons I love quilters & quilting!

  4. YAHOO! I have been WAITING for this post. . .Doreen and I promised that we would keep you honest about it and make sure Kayla got credit! :) Still on my Bucket list. . .have to finish some UFOs! I have made progress on Thanks to You since the retreat. Hoping to make some serious progress on something this weekend. :)

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