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Hubby and I ventured off to Home Depot for another round of house shopping.  I came across this….


It’s a magnetic keepers to keep screws and whatnots in for handymen.  Well I use a larger round one with my quilting machine and I have periodically bumped it making the pins cascade to the floor.  I was excited to see the large rectangle one.  I thought for $5, I would get one as that would sit on the bars without sticking out so hopefully I won’t catch my arm on it.

Hubby was happy to have the other two smaller ones for his work in the garage.

Here’s what it looks like with the machine.  From the looks, I won’t catch the rectangle one with my arm and flip it as often as I do the original round one I have.


I thought I would pass my circular one on to Hubby but then decided I’d keep it for safety pins and my little screw drivers.  I did give him the two round ones that came with the set.  It was a $5 upgrade but I think I’ll be happy with the investment.

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  1. I have a small round dish, and yesterday I knocked it off and some pins when flying. I will have to look for this today when I go to Peoria. I think the rectangle one would be great also. Thanks for sharing this great idea. $5 won’t break the budget either.

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