Pilot Knob from our Book Country Girl Modern

Each day I’ll be featuring one of our quilts from our book Country Girl Modern.  We’ll tell you the back story on each of the quilts over the course of a few days. If you are interested in pre-ordering our book, you can find that information here.

This is our quilt Pilot Knob.

When working on designs for the book we wanted a large variety of quilts.  We wanted you to be able to look at the quilts from the book and see lots of potential in it for quilts that you’d like to make.  We wanted easy ones…harder ones.   We want feminine and masculine.   We wanted large and small.  We wanted quilts that could be made from your stash and quilts that might require a fabric purchase.  We wanted quilts for giving and quilts for keeping.  We wanted lots of variety to meet your quilting needs.  This quilt fits a couple of our criteria.  It could be a Quilt of Valor meeting the giving category.  It can be gender neutral too.  Plus, the blocks on this are easy to construct.


The idea for this quilt is somthing that evolved with just some playing time on the computer.  I started out drawing some very simple blocks.  From there I stacked them…and didn’t like that.  Next I tried alternating them with some connector blocks.  That wasn’t bad.  Then I stacked them again with the connector blocks in between.

That was good but I wanted something more.  I saved what I had but left the design up on the computer.  It stayed up so it was the first thing I saw when I opened the computer.  Then Hubby and I went antiquing.  I saw a neat antique quilt.  The maker had staggered blocks so the design went up and down.  It was really neat and I liked it.

When we came home seeing that quilt was still on my brain and the first thing I saw when I opened the computer was the design that I had been working on.  The two ideas meshed and I started working on how to stagger the blocks.  After that got figured out I saved the design and left it on the computer.

I showed it to Kelli the next time she was home and asked how to construct in.  She said that would have to be sewn in columns rather than in rows.  Her saying that struck an idea.  I went in and shaded the center of the columns of blocks creating a up and down “stripe”.

That was the final design….So this quilt although it has a very simple block does have a lot of movement going on.  There is the up and down roll of the blocks and the center of the blocks creating the stripe.  I love it and think it would make the perfect picnic quilt.

Pilot Knob

Now on how the quilt got it’s name…that’s something you’ll have to read in the book.  That’s a whole ‘nother story.

This is just one of the eleven quilts in our book.  If you’d like to order an autographed copy of our book check out this link to learn how to order it.  Stop back and we’ll feature another quilt from the book.

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