Pies Tins…Wash them? YES!

I was working at a local fund raiser that was serving pie.  I got lucky and pulled a shift in the pie cutting room….as I was cutting I would put the used tins in a stack.  After a bit I asked the gal in charge of the room if I could take the some pie tins home.  She said sure.

Later our pace slowed and there was nothing to do.  So the gal in charge suggested I take the pie tins over to the kitchen and wash them up as she wanted some too.  No problem…that is until the kitchen boss saw me.  She quickly stated in a not so polite manner that she couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to save them and said oh just throw them away.

I headed  back to the pie room with my box of dirty tins.  I put a stack in a plastic sack.  I took them home and washed them.


Here is my beautiful stack of pie tins….

I have determined that the people who love recycled pie tins….
1.  Make pie on a regular basis.
2.  Give pie as a gift.
3.  Give pie to a grieving family or family in need.
4.  Send leftovers home with people and don’t care if you get the tin back (unlike tupperware).
5.  Make pies for benefits.
6.  Are recyclers.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to be pie tin recycler…just don’t trash those of us who are.  We spread a lot of homemade pie baking goodness out to gobs of people with these beat up recycled pie tins.

17 thoughts on “Pies Tins…Wash them? YES!”

  1. Good for you! Waste not, Want not.
    I freeze up pies in them, either the fruit or meat variety. I can always pop them into a glass dish before baking. Very handy for a quick meal or dessert in a hurry. I know they are better than the stuff from the store because I made them!
    They are great for making up quiches too. We always have more eggs in the sumer than we can use. They freeze up very nicely and are oh so yummy in the late fall & early winter when the Layer Ladies are taking a break.
    The price for recycled aluminum here would have made those worth taking home. I don’t see why you should spend good money on something you can reuse a few times before recycling. (A few more pennies for my fabric addiction!)

  2. I always save my pie tins. They always come in handy, like you said. Even if they should have an knife hole in them, I will always wash and it and throw it in the recycling bin. I can’t imagine what that lady was thinking.

  3. i like these thoughts on pie tin recycle. we use them too, feeding birds from them,craft project containers and pie. thanks for sharing.

  4. I always save them, but for another reason. My grandson loves to crawl over to my cabinets and pull my pans out. I have a stack of pie tins and wooden spoons that he plays with.

  5. I save them for years and each fall make pies and double wrap them and we have Rhubarb pies for Christmas that way. I make apple and rhubarb and also I have made potpies with leftovers to get out and make when ever I run out of time to make a fresh one. You will find a use for everyone of them. Chris

  6. I am a saver of foil pans–all sizes and shapes. For my birthday I bought some larger foil pans so I wouldn’t have a ton of dirty pans to clean but cleaned up the foil pans because I just couldn’t see throwing them away. I used the pie pans for freezing apple pie filling. When I am ready to make a pie, all I need is a pie crust and put this pre-shaped apple pie filling inside.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how many people throw out things that still have so many uses left in them.

    I once heard someone mention that they try to use things three times before they throw it out. For example – a men’s shirt: 1) as a shirt 2) as fabric for quilt blocks 3) take off the buttons and use in other projects.

    I try to employ the three use rule as much as possible. Right now I have old pill bottles that I store needles, pins, snaps and hooks and eyes in. I’m sure there are many other ways to use them. Coins for tolls?’

    Good for you for rescuing those pie tins!

  8. I get your point, I’m a saver of cool whip containers, dip containers,etc. They are great for sending leftovers home with my grown children, mailing cookies etc. My husband is a saver of peanutbutter jars, the laundry soap buckets from Costco and the heavy duty jugs. I would have taken the pie tins home as well, I get ya Jo!

  9. Good for you Jo! I always save things like that. When I take food or goodies to a sick neighbor or friend I don’t want them to have to worry about washing and returning a container.

  10. Looks like you’re not alone. I always save the pie tins too and use them to death. My DH saves 5-gal. buckets from work, and even kitty litter buckets, and I have to say that my pie tins stack neatly and take up much less space than his stacks of buckes. Have you ever seen a seven foot stack of 5-gal. buckets? Now multiply that by 4 or 5. :)

  11. I’ll wash my tins and save them for you — for a pie. Homemade pie with homemade (lard) crust sound delish…. Don’t need the calories.

  12. I’m with you Jo. I save all sorts of tins, plastic containers, and jars. They are so wonderful for freezing stuff in or sending home with someone else. My husband even has uses for them when he reloads bullets. I also recycle my aluminum foil. I give all my cans (and foil) to the humane society to help defray their costs. I am guessing that we are recylers because that is what we learned when we were growing up. Waste not want not.

  13. They make great ornaments also if you run them through the Accucut. You can now add that to your list of uses :-). I think once my children leave the house they will tell other how their mom could make anything because always had so much “stuff”.

  14. hi
    I always save the pie tins, and not just to use for another pie. I put leftovers, beef stew, chicken pot pie, etc. in them the wrap in foil and freeze. Since there are only two of us for dinner it makes it easy to have a quick meal handy and I don’t have to put my good casseroles containers in the freezer.

    They are also good for sorting out small quilt pieces at your machine.


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