Pieceful Nights

A post from Kelli–

Happy November!  I know that I haven’t been making too many appearances lately, but no worries–I haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth.  I have been working on some top secret projects lately and have been pretty busy.  I did however find some time to work on our Pieceful Nights quilt along!  The more and more I work with the wonderful Paint Box fabrics from Laundry Basket quilts, the more and more I fall in love–especially with the batiks.  One thing that I really love about the batik fabric is that depending on the size of the piece that you are cutting, the fabric can look completely different.


This month, we are going to complete steps one and two in regards to the quilt assembly.  This will consist of putting a border on the large center medallion and making the setting triangles.


Pieceful Nights November

One thing that was new to me was to completing the inset seams.  After only a few attempts, I managed to figure it out.  So you may want to keep your seem ripper handy.  This month, we only had one picture sent in.  I’m hoping that everyone is still quilting along with us!

From Sharyn…



Way to go Sharyn!  Thanks so much for sending in your picture!

I know that this month, mom is adding a little note on her posts about something that she is thankful for.  So here’s my tidbit–Today I am thankful for my mom and her abilities to teach others.  No matter who she is teaching–childcare providers, me and my siblings, or fellow quilters–she has patience that goes to the end of the world.   Without this wonderful patience and understanding, I definitely wouldn’t be here showing you the things that I have done.  So thanks Momma!

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  1. I actually cut all of the pieces back at the beginning of the year, because I wanted to make sure I had large enough pieces of fabric set aside. I just didn’t take pictures. Sorry.

  2. I went ahead and finished the piecing. I had a terrible time with the Y seams and still am not happy with them. It’s just so hard to get those border pieces to line up accurately. I used my seam ripper more than ever before! If you have any hints that makes it better, I’d be willing to try one more time.

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