Pieceful Nights Quilt Along–October Edition

A post from Kelli:

When I was first planning out the quilt along, I was having a tough time trying to break everything up so that we would have a finished quilt by the end of the year.  I tried it a couple ways and it took too much time.  I tried it a few different ways and it was finished to early.  So when I finally got it figured out, I was pretty excited.  After reviewing “the plan” I was a little worried about the time it may take to complete last month’s block, but I was so excited and surprised after I saw all of the beautiful blocks!

For the month of October, you will need to cut out all of the pieces that are listed on page 1.  There are 14 different kinds of pieces that will need to be cut out.  Some have templates and others are just pieces that can be cut using a ruler and rotary cutter.  This month can also be used as a month to catch up or maybe finish a block that you had previously skipped over.

Here is Sharyn’s block. I love the print of the large red star points.


I love how Melody’s colors play so well together.PiecefulNights-Sept-Melody

Judy has also chose a wonderful color palate.  I love the darker background on the outside.

I love Joanna’s background with a red print.


Barb chose some beautiful blues for her block.PiecefulNights-Sept-Barb
Here is Nancy’s block.


If you didn’t get a chance to check in with us yesterday, we have some sad news to share.  The decision was made to put our wonderful outside dog Pepper to sleep.  She had gotten hit by a car last weekend.  Her health has been gradually declining over the past year or so we knew that recovery would be next to impossible.  We will always remember her as a wonderful guardian dog and I know that I will miss her tail thumps when I go home next weekend.


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  1. I know how hard it is to make ‘that’ decision. A pet is such an important and vital member of the family. One thing is for sure, dogs just don’t live long enough!
    Sending a big hug your way, Jo!

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