Pieceful Nights–December Edition

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All throughout our Pieceful Nights Quilt-a-long, I’ve been calling this quilt “The Christmas Quilt.”  Why?  Not sure.  I think it has something to do with “peaceful” nights, which for some reason makes me think of winter and Christmas and then I think of “O Holy Night”…I don’t know, just the random ramblings of my brain.  So I think that it’s quite fitting that with December being the final month of our quilt-a-long, we finish the quilt.  Using the diagrams that were included in the pattern, I completed the steps through 5, but got a bit stuck.

Pieceful Nights December

I stuck with it a bit and tried getting through the issues that I was having, but continued to get frustrated.  Then I remembered that this is supposed to be a fun project, so I decided to take a step back and come back to it.  I am hoping to get it finished up later this month after a day with mom so that she can teach me a bit about inset seams.

So this month, we will be putting the quilt together.  Our next check-in will be in March.  Because I know that the holidays often bring extra cooking, cleaning, or entertaining, along with family gatherings, this way no one will have to feel stressed about getting their top together before the end of the month.

This month Sharyn sent a picture of her setting triangles that she completed.  Way to go Sharyn!


Here is Judy’s progress.

If you happen to have time to finish up your quilt between now and March, feel free to send your pictures to rogjok@iowatelecom.net and we’ll be sure to include them in our final finish in March!


9 thoughts on “Pieceful Nights–December Edition”

  1. I’ve loved the blocks you’ve shown throughout the year and they are coming together into a gorgeous quilt! Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

  2. I love the quilt! I don’t see where you have to deal with inset seams, though. The corners could be put together just like you were piecing a quilt with the blocks set on-point. The block with the 2 green QST could be put together with 1 green QST on one half of the corner and the 1 green with cream HSTs on the other half of the corner. Rather like a jigsaw puzzle…fun!

  3. When you figure out how to do those Y seams please share in a post. I’ve ripped mine out a couple of times and then decided to do as you – step away for awhile. Love how the colors in yours blend together so well!

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